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Update Patch #12 (2/12/20)

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Hello Everyone,

This update contains several bug fixes, some new content, some combat tweaks, and more! ❤️

In-case you missed our previous update:


Regular Updates:

  • Added a temporary solution to automatically 'fix' broken NPC spawns.
    • Also added more detailed logging to this solution so we can get more details about the bug in general and try to fix the root cause of it.
  • If a player logs out, they now leaves their current instance and the instance is properly destroyed.
  • The AFK shop has been removed from catacombs? No idea why he was chillin' there in the first place.
  • Started on Scam-Proof Gambling
    • The interfaces are all complete.
    • We'll be finishing the backend of this update throughout the week.
  • Refined our fix for npcs, if any of them disappear/de-register, they should only be gone for 30~ seconds. We're still working on narrowing down the issue, but it shouldn't really effect you in-game anymore.
  • Fixed the last issue with the bracelet of Ethereum. 😛
    • Drops have been added to revs for both the bracelet & the ether.
  • You can no longer damage NPC's past their maximum health.
  • NPC's that shouldn't be aggressive or attack you? shouldn't randomly attack you anymore? *although, this was a pretty funny bug to watch*
  • Sanguinesti Staff now heals properly.
  • Revenant caves are now part of the wilderness.
  • A 'load' button has been added to presets.
  • Mining
    • Increased chance of obtaining different gems from gem rocks, lowered rock depletion chance by half for mining.
    • The mining achievements work again.
    • Rune Essence is now mineable.
  • Ring of Wealth drop rate bonus back to 15% from 5%.
  • Adamant Dragon, Rune Dragon, and Vorkath now have a chance to drop wrath rune talismans and tiaras.
  • Can now buy more than 28 of an item at once if possible.
  • There is now a delay on prayer draining by 1 tick to allow prayer flicking.
  • Monkfish fishing spots have been fixed.
  • Equipment bonuses and weapon declaration are reset on death.


Chambers of Xeric:

  • For all potions in the raid: making finished potions now asks you how many you want to make.
  • All potion combinations are fixed.
  • Implemented a health bar color for mobs (Fixes scavengers not having a health bar).
  • Dynamic regions have been fixed. This resolves the issue of black maps in instanced areas. Barrier object coordinates and height is fixed.
  • Keystone crystal cannot be dropped, on logout the keystone crystal is removed from the player, and the keystone crystal is also removed from the inventory when dispelling the barrier.
  • Corrupted scavenger now regenerates hunger after 60 seconds of not being fed. Every 3 seconds after not being fed for 60 seconds, the corrupted scavenger will regenerate.



Klepto has started on inferno, for now, we're only going to be doing the final wave (the boss wave).

  • The introduction cut-scene is complete:
    • uB9DQi6oRW.gif



  • Rigour & Augury now display properly when they're active.
  • ESC can now be a shortcut key for keybindings.
  • Emojis have been added added. Toggle them in the settings interface.
  • The restore defaults button on custom keybinds now works properly.
  • The ancients spell book should no longer crash your client, despite what you're doing.
  • Custom Cursors have been added. Toggle them in the settings interface.
  • Inventory Overlay has been added. Toggle it in the settings interface.
  • Fixed the npc attack priority setting. (Now functions correctly).
  • Make over mage is fixed.
    • Missing/Broken Skin colors are now fixed.
    • Missing/Broken Hair colors are now fixed.
  • Fixed the remember me issue; it should ACTUALLY save your information now.



  • The global melee maxhit modifier has been removed.
  • Melee accuracy now have a 12% modifier globally, instead of 20%
  • Draconic maul is now 2handed.
  • Draconic mauls attack delay is now 7 ticks instead of 5.
  • Infernal Hammer now has 10% higher stats than the dragon warhammer and has a attack delay of 5, instead of 6.
  • Justiciar Sword now has a attack requirement of 75, instead of 90.
  • Justiciar Sword now has 10% less stats than the Ghrazi Rapier.
  • Infernal Bow now has a 10% chance to proc the special attack, the maxhit for this proc is 1-20, instead of 1-40.
  • Scythe of Vitur & Blood Scythe of Vitur have proper stats (buffed their accuracy to what it should be & Blood scythe now has 10% higher stats than the scythe).
  • Kril's swords have been nerfed by 10%.
    • Kril swords bonus damage proc has been reduced from to be random(maxhit /4) instead of random(maxhit /2).


More updates soon ❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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