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Update Patch #11 (2/02/2020)

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Hello Everyone,

I was away this weekend with my girlfriend as she had a family emergency on Thursday and I couldn't leave until Friday to be with her. I still have a ton of homework to do before my classes tomorrow but I wanted to update the server real quick for you guys. ❤️

This update has a number of bug fixes as well a few more updates to the Chambers of Xeric.


Regular Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the trading post was disconnecting you when searching for certain items.
  • Added achievements back to fishing.
  • Infernal Staff now has 80 magic as a requirement, and we've removed the 80 prayer requirement.
  • The InWild method now checks to see if the player's area is an instance of the Wilderness Area.
    • AreaManager now correctly checks if area is an instance of a wilderness area as well.
  • Mining:
    • Added depletion chances when mining a rock & empty veins.
    • Gem rocks are now mine-able.
    • Mining doesn't stop you from switching ores anymore.
    • Animations ids have been fixed for all pickaxes.
  • Herblore:
    • Potions are mixable both ways now.
    • Cancelling the herblore event now stops skilling.
  • The hotkey Ctrl + T now does the ::tp command and works properly.
  • Added several checks to see if the npc that you're interacting with is the same ID as the one clicked.
  • Farming:
    • The farming achievement used to give 1 herb collected for the entire patch; now you get as many as the herb total that you collected.
  • The OpenGL Settings have been added into the settings interface. Should be an easier process for you now. 😄
  • Fletching tasks are now executed immediately.
  • Crafting should be functioning correctly now.


Chambers of Xeric's fixes:

  • The actual raids reward interface has been implemented.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't withdraw 5 from raid's rewards.
    • Also updated the order of the take all and take x option.
  • Fixed a bug where Vasa Nistirio's combat script would continue to process even after he's dead.
  • Harvesting herbs from the resource room will retain 1 per 3 game cycles instead of all in 1 cycle now.
    • Changed the event to work like the rest of skills so that if you do other things while trying to harvest, the action is cancelled.
  • Harvesting a patch gives anywhere from 3-18 herbs from the resource room.
  • Elder potion can be made now from the Golpar leaf and stinkhorn mushroom.



More updates soon ❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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