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Update Patch #10 (1/30/2020)

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Hello Everyone,

As I discussed earlier in the week in our community discord, my goal is to keep you guys more engaged on what we're working on and what our plans are for the server every day. So, for all updates that are pushed to the live server and tested, I'll be making update threads here like we always have. On top of that, I'll be posting in the discord daily with the updates that we're doing on beta to keep you informed of what's coming up in the next live updates. ❤️

Note: Chambers of Xeric still has quite a few bugs and is currently at a state where I'd say it's uncompletable; however, we are actively working to get it fixed up and actually 1:1 with OSRS. 🤣


Regular Updates:

  • Stardust is stackable. Exchange option removed.
  • Presets: You no longer lose your items when your bank is full.
  • All NPC spawn instances have been patched to avoid any further issues with npcs disappearing.
    • This will fix kraken, Skotizo, etc...
  • Woodcutting: The infernal axe now performs the GFX and provides a 33% chance to grant 50% firemaking XP for the log you're cutting.
    • Several fixes have been done with woodcutting in general just to fix some 'edge case' issues.
  • Mining has been completely re-written.
  • Skilling stop on movement queue now. *Can't walk when skilling now*
  • Fishing is stopped if you're clicking an NPC that is not a fishing spot.
  • Gem bags/Coal bags have been re-written.
  • Several backend fixes to the event system that I talked about in our last update patch.
  • Fixed a DC issue when scrolling on certain interfaces.
  • Super Combat Potions can now be created using the herb as well as the correct unfinished potion.
  • Ancient Spell book no longer goes invisible when switching to it.
  • The polygon limit issues has been fixed. (Should fix the issues regarding invisible items while on GPU mode).
  • XP scrolls no longer work if you do not have them in your inventory at the time of claiming the reward.
  • Skilling actions now stop when you drop an item.
  • Implemented a new player attribute serialization service (makes our lives easier when writing content).
  • Infernal Bow, Twisted Bow, Blood Twisted bow:
    • Increased ranged accuracy stat by 10
  • Infernal bow:
    • Instead of a 20% chance for the special attack to occur, it's now a 33% chance.
  • Dominion Crossbow:
    • The dominion crossbow now has a attack speed of 4, instead of 5.
  • Claiming flips now works properly and gives you the total donated amount.


Chambers of Xeric's fixes:

  • The energy well restores run energy for the player with no restriction between uses now.
  • The energy well now has the proper animation when using it.
  • The scavenger NPC will now walk back to 'home' properly if they're outside of 'home' by 8 tiles; this stops them from walking randomly to Narnia.
  • Vasa Nistirio now kills the crystals in the room, if Vasa Nistirio is dead.
  • You can no longer claim daily rewards while inside of COX.
  • Rake, Spade, & Seed Dibber have been added to the list of allowed depositible items.
  • Prayer Enhancement potions now restore 1 prayer every 10 ticks (6 seconds) over 290 ticks for a total of 29 restored prayer points over 3 minutes.
  • Almost all object interactions have been fixed for skilling. Still have 1-2 more bugs to fix regarding this.
  • Crystal keys and PVM caskets no longer drop in raids.
  • Increased the chance of getting something from a chest in the chest room.
    • From 40% to 50%.
  • Opening a chest now takes thieving level into consideration (.2% per level).
  • Muttadile's attack animation has been fixed.
  • Muttadile's now show the eating animation when eating a tree.
  • Thieving from the chests now use animations.
  • Large muttadile drops have been corrected & small muttadiles now have drops.
    • Big Bones -> Both
    • Houndmaster's diary -> Both
    • Overload (+) (4) -> Both
    • Prayer Enhance (+) (4) -> Both
    • Xeric's Aid (+) (4) -> Large Muttadiles only.
    • Revitalization (+) (4) -> Large Muttadile only.
  • Tekton Drops have been updated:
    • Now includes the Elder, Twisted, Kodai, Revitalization, Prayer Enhance, Xeric's Aid, & Overload potions as well as the chance at getting a Onyx.
  • If Vasa Nistirio is dead; it will now stop attacking you. *Used to continue to attack you for a few ticks after death*




More updates soon ❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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