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Update Patch #9 (1/25/2020)

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Hello Everyone,

Another update! This update includes a lot of QOL bug fixes. Our next update thread will contain a LOT more bug fixes as well as some... NEW content! Yes, that's right! We've finally hit the point in development where we can add new content without worrying about breaking absolutely everything!  We've got a lot of stuff on the way for you coming up, including fully working raids, inferno, a completely custom raid, trails of xerics re-worked, and more! More information soon regarding these updates soon. ❤️


In-case you missed our last update thread:



  • Regardless of how Cerberus is killed, the other entities will de-spawn as well, which fixed the ghosts issue where they would continue to attack you, despite whether or not Cerberus was still alive.
    • Fixed another Cerberus issue where a task wasn't actually being stopped if the player disconnected. Also added a check to see if Cerberus died after the start of the event and before the end of the event. If it did, the event stops as well.
  • Vorkath kill count now saves. You don't have to kill 50 Vorkath on the same login to get a vorkath reward now.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue in the server. 🎉
  • Fixed/rewrote several things involving NPC spawns. This is a potential fix for the npc issue where they disappear after 'x' amount of time the server has been online. If the issue is not fixed, we also added logs to spawn events so we can track the issue if it's still there.
  • We save the ring of recoil hits now. We also no longer remove the item from equipment to inventory, then remove from inventory, we delete it directly from the worn slot.
  • The loot dropping under the floor issue has been fixed.
    • Example: KBD floors.
  • Firemaking:
    • You now have a chance to fail at lighting the fire.
    • You can cancel your action while trying to lighting a log.
  • Toxic Blowpipe's death mechanics have been fixed. You no longer lose your scales/ammo.
  • Bolts are no longer taken into consideration for range strength when using a toxic blowpipe, instead the darts used are.
  • When an item is sold to a store while you have coins in your inventory and a 'full' inventory, you are now able to sell the items.
  • If an item or items are sold to a shop where the price of the item plus the amount of coins in the inventory exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m), it will prevent it.
  • If an item cost * item amount sold to shop exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m) we prevent it.
  • Presets:
    • Placeholders now work.



More updates soon ❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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