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Update Patch #7 (1/14/2020)

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Hello Everyone,

This update took a tad longer to get out than I wanted but mother nature decided to give me the plague this week (And Karan)! This update has mainly QOL changes for the server. ❤️

In-case you missed our last update thread:




  • Fixed Spoofing Object Interactions (Bad Tree People).
  • Interfaces now reset/disappear when teleporting away from a minigame (ex: Barrows, GWD, etc).
  • Super Heat Item now creates steel correctly, instead of always making iron.
  • You can no longer spam click a fishing spot to increase your fishing speed (Gotta love PI).
  • You can no longer spam click herblore potion creations to make all pots in a few clicks.
  • You can decant noted potions now.
  • You can stack similar XP scrolls effects now.
  • Re-balanced several Items:
    • Scythe of Vitur:
      • Stats are now the same as OSRS instead of 50% higher.
      • The requirements are now correct (attack and strength must be 75).
    • Blood Scythe of Vitur:
      • Stats are now 20% higher than the regular scythe of Vitur, instead of 135% higher.
      • The requirements are now the same as the scythe of Vitur (instead of 10 attack?).
    • Ghrazi Rapier:
      • For some reason, some 5head added a 2x maxhit multiplier on the rapier, so that's been removed.
    • Justiciar Sword:
      • Same as the rapier ^. Double Damage multiplier has been removed.
    • Infernal Bow:
      • Stats are now 10% less than the Twisted Bow.
      • The requirements are now 75 range, instead of 85.
    • Infernal Hammer:
      • Stats are now 10% higher than dragon warhammers.
      • The requirements are now 75 attack and strength, instead of having none.
      • The 1.5x maxhit multiplier has been removed.


More updates on the way ❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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