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Void Knight champion guide

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Hello, and welcome to my first guide!



image.png.4482e0cc6c61f515d20ca82d12d4075d.png  43 Prayer at minimum to enable you to protect against his devastating melee attack. You can pray flick his mage attacks but they seem to max out at around 30 and therefore not of paramount importance. 



Gear Requirements Melee


Cheap setup: Total Cost 2-3 hours of void farm, 2 hours for D-def and 100M in gear

Elite void 


Fire cape

Dragon defender

Dragon boots 

Abby Whip 

Ring of wealth (I) 


image.png.42c2edc2376f18aec06cdd00799b06a6.pngMedium - Total cost - 1.2 - 1.5B 

Vest top & Bottom for Max str bonus

Infernal cape


Dragon defender

Justicar's sword = beastmode


Goliath gloves for 2x damage proc chance.






Expensive set up is coming soon when i can afford it! 

You can range or mage this guy, but its slightly more tedious and a set up comparable to the medium one in terms of kill speed would cost significantly more as far as i am aware. 



Cheap & easy

image.png.3340a69db621297220d4f377867e3179.pngAny part of this inventory can be upgraded to what ever you have. Overloads will dramatically improve kill speeds but its not necessary. 





The fight: 


This is a very simple fight, within melee range he will primarily attack with melee with the occasional mage attack. 
Every so often he will knock you back and if you do not get within melee distance quickly, he will destroy your soul with a red ball of death which prayer does not block. However simply moving away from the balls landing zone will in most cases avoid damage.



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Good guide.

Easy to read/understand

Very detailed.

This is great for new players. Thank you.

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Thank you for writing this guide. I'm sure many players that haven't done Void Knight Champion will try it now and hopefully we'll see more sets ingame.

Yours truly,

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