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Update Patch #6 (1/9/2019)

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Hello Everyone,

This update contains a lot of highly requested bug fixes and more! This update should greatly improve the QOL for the server. ❤️

In-case you missed our last update thread:



  • The trading post has been re-enabled and all reported bug with it have been fixed.
  • Npc and player rendering on login has been fixed (Everyone is no longer invisible when you first login).
  • The chance of getting Infernal Key piece drops has been removed from the Pest Control portals.
  • Earning PvM points has also been removed from the Pest Control Portals.
  • Piety's prayer message says you need 70 defence now, instead of 65.
  • You can wear the agility master cape with 200m xp now.
  • After voting, the message has been fixed to tell you the proper command name for redeeming.
  • Presets have been re-enabled.
  • Looting bag:
    • The x button on the looting bag now works.
    • The interface has been fixed.
    • Death issues regarding the looting bag have been fixed.
    • Only put tradeable items in open looting bag whilst in wilderness.
    • Made it so you can only use items on closed looting bag whilst in wilderness.
    • Can only remove items from looting bag whilst in wilderness.
    • Warnings are given upon depositing and withdrawing when looting bag or inventory is full, rather than after going through dialogue.
    • You can now access looting bag within 5 tiles of bank booth at home.
  • The correct person now receives kill credit in PvP.
  • Inventory and bank now refresh when claiming donations (Don't have to re-log anymore).



  • Fixed an issue where rotating the client camera would sometimes crash your client.
  • Fixed several issues with the current particles system (Should no longer cause lag issues).
  • Full/Proper Depth Buffering has been added.
  • More memory optimizations have been done.




More updates on the way soon in the near future❤️

Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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