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Updates Done in Beta [08/28/19 -> 12/19/19]

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We will be updating this list as we continue to fix/improve the server before the release. Make sure to check back on this thread every day to see our progress. ❤️


Chambers of Xeric:

The Chambers of Xeric is a large cave system underneath Mount Quidamortem, built by Xeric in the Kebos Lowlands. Released on 5 January 2017, it is the first raid released in Old School RuneScape. We decided that in order to fully give you the proper OSRS experience that it was very important that we do a 100% replication of it here on Sohanscape. Our implementation of the Chambers of Xeric uses Dynamic Map Generation. This means that every raid that you undertake will be different from the last.

You can expect to see the following:


  • We decided to re-work how our cache distribution was done. Several people had issues on the last release regarding downloading the client/cache and we didn't want to run into the same issue for this release.
    • We have a automatic downloader/launcher now, so you will not need to re-download the client for each update anymore.
    • Everything downloads on-demand now.



  • Home map re-implemented with improvements/changes.
  • Game-mode/donation rank added to chatbox.
  • Fixed use options for capes.
  • Added a new interface for ::commands
  • Added hotkeys for QOL:
    • ctrl + h == ::home
    • ctrl + c == ::commands
    • ctrl + y == ::yell
    • ctrl + b == ::bank
  • Health overlay for npc's added.
  • New teleport model added to home.
  • Fixed the input issue with bank pins.
  • OSRS Dynamic Regions added.
  • Fixed map decoding.
  • All raids (COX|TOB) interfaces/sprites added.
  • Blood TBOW's model has been fixed + added.
  • Experience drop animations are based on client cycles now | 0 damage hits no longer display (Fixed a major lag issue on the client).
  • Starter pets have been remodeled + added.
  • Optimized resizability.
  • Fixed player model rendering.
  • Fixed the 'pink hair' character issue.
  • Made the autocast interfaces for magic (client-sided)
  • Fixed massive health bars.
  • Fixed combat overlays. (1:1 with osrs)
  • Fixed several map decoding issues.
  • Fixed the idx6 in the cache.
  • Fixed multi-crown support in the chat box.
  • Fixed crowns in-general for the chatbox/pms/clanchat/etc..
  • Fixed the scaling for 614+ models.
  • Fixed the broken FPS calculations.
  • Removed the poor implementation of the runelite frame.
  • Sohanscape + Raids Mboxes have been re-done.
  • Removed the object overheads text/icons.
  • Fixed the bounty hunter interface not closing when toggled in the settings tab.
  • Startup speed has been optimized (used to take 14 seconds to get to the login screen; now it takes 3).
  • Added new starter sets.



  • Overload damage is no longer stopped by teleporting.
  • Logout checks for in-combat and in-duel have been added.
  • Fixed several objects spawning on wrong heights.
  • Fixed runes not being removed from inventory / pouch.
  • Fixed a DC issue when having no text after typing / for clan chat messages.
  • Skilling actions are now stopped when opening a bank.
  • Special attack bar now updates when switching from a spec -> non-spec weapon.
  • Donation ranks | Player rights system has been completely re-written (They're actually separated now).
  • Updated titles to match the new donations ranks.
  • New command system has been written.
    • Commands can now have descriptions and proper error messages (shows hints for everything).
  • Animations now stop when skilling actions are stopped.
  • Decline buttons for trading/dueling now work.
  • Scavenger beasts now have drops.
  • Daily interface only shows once now, instead of every-time you login.
  • While fishing, the chance at getting clues/outfit drops has been nurfed.
  • Loading offline players now works. (punishments now work for offline players).
  • Party Pete now has a 10% tax on all winnings for the lottery.
  • Godswords + orn kits combinations have all been added.
  • Npc Kill counter has been added.
    • ::npckills command has been added.
  • Item definitions have been redone.
  • Lesser demons no longer spawn in the lava/walls of the map.
  • Items kept on death has been completely re-written.
    • Items are actually lost on death now.
    • Proper checks for what items should be kept/lost.
  • Player death has been completely re-written.
    • No more dying more than once.
  • Sanguinesti staff now functions correctly.
  • Withdrawing noted items now works correctly.
  • Fixed the delay for the falling star rewards being given to players.
  • Ironmen are now able to purchase rewards from Pest Control.
  • Ironmen now get food with their starter gear.
  • Xp lamp re-written.
  • Npcs now check for other Npcs while moving.
    • Npcs no longer use player pathfinding to move.
  • Raw fish have been removed from the home fishing store.
  • T3 ring properly adds items to your bank when dying now.
  • Sand crabs are now aggressive.
  • Infernal pickaxe now smelts ore properly.
  • Points shops have been limited from ironmen game-modes.
  • Infernal key pieces are now untradable.
  • You are now able to equip Salve (e).
  • SQL service has been written and implemented into the server.
  • Store claiming added for new web-store.
  • Iphub issues have been fixed. (No more of Sohan getting banned on his own server).
  • Normalized data paths (server works on linux now).
  • Everythingrs removed from the server.
  • Netty 4 has been implemented (netty 3 implementation removed).
  • Bankers now how the "check presets" option.
  • Fixed objects remaining from old instances.
  • Fixed item on bank noting.
  • Fixed NPC de-aggression.
  • Chaotic staff has been nurfed.
  • Yak gates now work.
  • Starter bow is now 2handed.
  • The manual has been removed from the starter set.
  • Removed the prestige npc.
  • Fixed "perdu's" dialogues.
  • Your inventory now refreshes after canceling the trading post listing.
  • Removed daily tasks system (being re-done after release).
  • Added multi-crown support.
  • Vorkath, kbd, pernix, morrigans, and armadyl sets have been modified.
  • Zulrah instance now ends properly when you leave the area.
  • Presets have been fixed.
  • TOB:
    • Maiden of Sugadinti spiders now walk to the center location properly.
    • Wait timer has been increased to 60 seconds, instead of 15 seconds.
  • Potions now work correctly (doses actually go down when consumed).
  • Fixed right click options not working for bankers.
  • Donations Re-work:
    • In-game donation store has been removed.
    • Donation scrolls are now as follows:
      • 10$ (previously, 5$)
      • 50$ (previously, 10$)
      • 100$ (previously, 50$)
      • 250$, (previously, 120$)
    • Players can claim the donation scrolls in-game for the equivalent $ amount to be added to their forum 'account credit' balance.
  • Clarkeh npc has been renamed to Sohan.
  • All Mystery Boxes no longer have issues with not giving a reward when being clicked too quickly.
    • Items will also now properly going into your bank if your inventory is full.
  • Announcement messages have been fixed.
  • Supreme void now has the proper item requirements.
  • Removed the magic tree from the Abyssal Sire Area.
  • Rune's are no longer removed on safe death from your rune pouch.
  • Fixed barrage spell processing for single-combat areas.
  • AFK island has been fixed.
  • Overload damage ticks every 2 ticks now instead of every 1.
  • Silver ore can be mined now.
  • Fancy Dress shop now works.
  • Corrected the Wrath rune shop price.
  • Reduced the infernal chest announcement frequencies.
  • Mining guild door now works.
  • Added more chickens at home.
  • Kodai Wand has proper stats now.
  • Overloads now give the correct stats.
  • Rune pouches no longer lose their contents when you die in a safe-zone.
  • Combat/Pathing issues have been address:
    • Fixed issues related to switching weapons in combat.
    • Fixed darts/javelins/etc attack distance.
    • Fixed a bug that causes you to move up close even when using range/magic.
    • Added the ability to hug npcs/players on obstacles in combat.
    • Got rid of all previous following and path finding algorithms (there were at least 6 out-dated ones being used).
    • Fixed ranged weaponry not using ammo correctly.
    • Fixed multi-ancients spells not working on more than 1 npc.
    • Fixed the air strike spell not working.
    • Fixed the 'null' targets issue for magic spells.
    • Fixed the Zulrah, Skotizo, & Cerberus death dupe.
    • Fixed a dc issue with instanced bosses (npcs are registered properly now).
    • Distance checking has been added for NPC combat. (Auto retaliation works now for Npcs).
    • Combat now checks for accessibility and clear projectile paths.
    • Re-wrote pathfinding completely & implemented it into both combat and player following.
    • Added proper following algorithms for follow dancing.
    • Pathfinder for walking is now done server-sided.
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Yeah i Logged in today and saw alot of progress. Will get back to findings.

Good job team ❤️

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Big love to the beta testers for helping us out. Release is in 10 hours and 30 minutes!!

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Yours truly,

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Much love for my fellow beta testers and the development team alongside the staff who worked on this. I am proud of you all, what a great release.

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