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Post-Release Announcement and Plans for the Future

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Hey everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has decided to try out SohanScape. On the 30th of December we hit a peak of around 340 players online, which is an insane amount of players and I'm really glad that you guys have decided to stick around! That's also 100 players more than we had on the release of the server, which (hopefully) shows that you guys are enjoying the server and want to stick around, which is great!


We are planning to release voting on the 1st of January, and are making a big push to rank as high as possible on the toplists, and it's up to the SohanScape community to ensure we achieve that! We will also be hosting a voting event when voting is released, so keep an eye on the announcements channel in the discord: 


You guys can also help us advertise by telling your friends about the server, putting our website as your custom discord status, and sending out discord invite links! We will also be investing a lot into advertisement to help the server grow even further (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google).



Other than that, the developers have been working day and night on the server since we released, and we've released a vast amount of updates in an extremely short period of time, and I'm confident in saying SohanScape has one of the best development teams out of any RSPS out there, so as soon as we are done with fixing bugs/re-writing buggy content you can expect to have huge updates coming soon! We will also be starting to do content polls in the discord this week for all upcoming updates.



In addition with our regular updates, we will begin doing update polls on the discord from now on. Stay tuned for more information regarding these in the next few days.

As the New Years approaches, we would like to thank the community by giving you guys another discount code to use on the store for 20% off ALL store products. This will only be available from now, until the 2nd of January, 2020. (The next sale will probably not happen until Easter, so take advantage of it!)

The code is "2020".


I am extremely excited for the future and I hope you guys are too, here's to a great 2020! We're just getting started.

-The SohanScape Team

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