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Update Patch #3 (12/24/2019)

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Hello Everyone,

We're rolling out a rather large update for you today. ❤️ Everything listed here was tested on the beta world *thank you to the content testers who helped us*, so everything listed should not have any issues. If there are any issues you come across, please report them here.

In-case you missed our last update:



  • Theatre of Blood is now multi-combat.
  • Dawnbringer is now removed after verzik dies.
  • Surge autocast works properly now and has the correct runes requirement.
  • The Magic tutor has been removed.
  • Wrath runes are now able to be added to the rune pouch.
  • The Kodai Wand has been removed from the mage arena npcs.
  • AFK Island Changes:
    • Points have been nerfed from 5 to 3 per bonus.
    • Only 1 account per IP is permitted to 'afk' at the chest now.
  • The Black Mask value has been increased from 3k to 3M.
  • Hiscores have been added server-sided.
    • Everything is being tracked properly now.
    • The website portion of the hiscores will be online shortly following this update.
      • We do not need to update the server again for this, when the website portion goes live, it'll work 'out of the box'.
  • The wilderness area boundaries now work properly.
    • You can now attack players who are in different wilderness levels than you.
  • Zulrah:
    • Zulrah can now attack you and vise-versa.
    • Zulrah's projectile attacks are now fixed and functioning properly.
    • Zulrah's snakelings are now aggressive.
  • Firemaking is now clipped properly. You can no longer noclip across the map.
  • Purple sweets now heal 2 HP.
  • PVM points have been nerfed from Bandits.
  • Projectile attacks as well as melee attacks now use the new pathing system.
    • This fixes a lot of the safe-spot issues that were in the server.
      • For example: Corp, Zulrah, etc...
  • Clicking away from or to another object or NPC now cancels skilling actions properly.
  • Bank searching now allows you to remove items after searching.
  • The ironman point shop now works.
    • Runes have been added to the ironman general store.
  • The Pest control portals have been fixed.
    • You can now attack them with all combat styles, not just range.
  • The starter armour has been nerfed.
  • Bonus EXP scrolls now work for the full intended time amount.
  • You cannot trade player across the map anymore. 😄
  • Ground items and looting has been completely re-written to function properly.
  • The Zaryte bow has been removed from Sohan mystery boxes.
  • Ring of collectors has been removed from Callisto's drops.



  • The Raiding party interface has been added.
  • The Raid party tab interface has been added.
  • Fixed an image buffer issue which caused black screening.
  • The minimap flag offset has been fixed.


Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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ironman highscores for each stat isnt showing, only overall for irons


also what happened to the ::teleint command?


apart from that updates are going great :)

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