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Update Patch #2 (12/21/2019)

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Hello Everyone,

Anotha update coming at you. ❤️ Should fix another round of annoying bugs that have been reported.

In our next updates, we are going to be re-working shop access for ironmen to be more rounded and give more accessibility to features in-game that the modes were missing, as well as everything previously mentioned in our last update.

In-case you missed it:



  • Event boss is now multi-combat.
  • Fixed the id of the XP bonus scroll for global drops.
  • Items with the value of 0 can no longer be alched.
  • Rune pickaxe is now in the ironman shop.
  • You can now exit the catacombs properly.
  • Player saving/loading fixed for lower/upper case account names (Shouldn't have anymore 'reset' issues).
  • Removed the random poison that you used to get while farming, which was killing HCIM.
  • Quick-Open option added for mystery boxes (Right click option).
  • Aviansie Combat script has been added.
  • Fixed the Void Knight knockback error.
  • Fixed the concurrent modification exception for game logic tasks (Ergo, fixes the lag at the startup of the server).
  • Fixed a number of small client issues with aesthetics.
  • Pathfinding is now completely server-sided for object interactions.
  • Walking packet decoding has been fixed.
  • Removed clipping for gates as they are not being spawned in the client.
  • Combat is now reset after killing an NPC.
    • Added combat reset into the walking packet as well.
  • Ironman Points Shop has been added.
  • Fixed the DC issue revolving around npc's with 'nulled' names.
    • Zulrah no longer DC's you.
  • Burst and Barrage XP has been fixed.
  • Fixed the projectile and melee path checking.
    • Corporeal Beast's safespot has been fixed because of this. Possibly more.
  • Fixed the minimap flag offset.



Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.

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