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  1. Good guide. Easy to read/understand Very detailed. This is great for new players. Thank you.
  2. Khaos

    Skilling boss

    Great idea, although I don't see this happening for some time. Would love to see it!
  3. Khaos

    Pet alterations

    I agree, would be nice to see. Even if all pets had 2%. Great idea.
  4. Lovely update as usual.
  5. I feel as if the scythe should be buffed slightly, but not as good as the blood scythe of course. Either that or nerf the ghrazi. Slight buff to scythe and a nerf to ghrazi would be perfect in my eyes. Then people would still want to table scythe as the blood scythe will still be BIS.
  6. Great guide. Very detailed. Will help new players in the future. Good job man! Khaos.
  7. +1 to this suggestion. I think its a really cool feature that everyone would use.
  8. Lovely update once again.
  9. Khaos

    I have arrived

    Welcome! Glad to have you on the server. If you have any questions feel free to PM in game and/or on discord. Khaos.
  10. Khaos


    Personally do not think this will happen. If it was too it would be in the far future. Cool idea though!
  11. Khaos


    I've seen this man gamble his life away. He's cool a cool guy, generous. He has lent me items before to use. I can personally trust him. I vouch for him.
  12. I vouch for this man. I have spoke to him multiple time, raided with him ect.. He is a very generous kind guy. Can trust him.
  13. Here is to a new decade of wonders! Happy new year everybody! I hope this year, you fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals! I wish you all the best! Here is to a great year of Sohan Scape! Khaos.
  14. Great guide man! Beat me to it. I'll still make a video version I guess!
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