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    Send Gambling Clan

    I'm happy to announce that my Gambling CC is now officially open The clan shall be known as 'Send gambling', we will be using the Clan Chat 'Send'. *I understand that non-donator players use the 'help' cc as their form of yell, thus being in the cc is not a prerequisite to gambling with us. Preface As some of you might know; I have been pretty much the only consistent dice host at ::gamble. I'm proud to say that most players who frequent the area would most likely state that I am thedur most trusted players apart from staff in regards to holding bets and mming. I'm glad that I have been able to open this cc, as by having my reputation behind the cc I will be able to ensure that there are hosts and mm's that players can trust which are not staff and so do not take away from staff time. Honestly this is as much as the betting player needs to read, the rest of the post will be dedicated towards people wanting to join. Please just remember our number 1 rule: Only trust ranks Ranks Currently not selling ranks and will only take people into our clan through them earning our trust Thanks everyone and hope to see you soon at ::gamble, Send
  2. Post vouches if u want
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