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  1. A lot of people use OBS, but I personally dislike OBS. I've always used Geforce Experience. All you have to do is press Alt + F9 and it starts recording. Done recording? Press Alt + F9 again. No lagg and good quality.
  2. Thank you for writing this guide. I'm sure many players that haven't done Void Knight Champion will try it now and hopefully we'll see more sets ingame.
  3. I don't know if it's just me, but it really bothers me that there is no special screen like this when you finish the raid. I would like to have a loot screen for both raids, that shows what you got, with the option to add it to your inventory or bank. Not just a 'click and immediately get it'. Examples: ps: screenshots are taken from google images so just ignore any names you see in it.
  4. Yim

    Pet alterations

    Couldn't have said it better.
  5. Like the title states. The black and white plant should get added to the Mithril seed. When someone pulls a 4 of a kind on you, you still stand a (small) chance and that would make flower poker more fun.
  6. Yim

    Skilling boss

    I like this idea.
  7. A command for admins+ where they can spawn a 'special world boss'. The boss would have: - More health (between 25-50k (?)). - Higher chance of getting a 'world boss' drop. Also: It would be cool if this 'special world boss' has a unique model. So not just a copy pasta of the current world bosses. PS: Only admins+ can use this command to spawn a special world boss. As an event to bring some diversity to the regular world bosses.
  8. For example "First to type '::trivia [answer]' correctly gets [prize]". With questions about Runescape and/or Sohanscape. Example questions: - What level do you need to clean a Grimy Ranarr? - Where are Dark Wizards located? - How much GP do you need to enter the Al-Kharid gate? - How many Quest points do you need for Dragon Slayer? Prizes: - Mystery boxes - X amount of Crystal keys - X amount of Caskets - Infernal key (pieces) Or maybe a custom shop where they can use Trivia points. Such a shop could contain the following: - Bandos/Armadyl/Zamorak/Saradomin caskets (drop from one of the GWD bosses, at random) - Clue scrolls (easy/medium/hard/elite) - Crystal keys - Normal caskets - Supply crates (same as in AFK shop) - Infernal key pieces - Mystery box(es) ... And some other things. I would gladly take any feedback to this idea and or any suggestions to improve this idea.
  9. Theatre of Blood Full Guide This guide is subject to change because Theatre of Blood isn't done at the moment. Multiple mechanics will be improved, adjusted or added. When it does, this guide will be updated as well. Section 1) Gear and inventory. There are no real hard requirements for TOB. I'd personally suggest to at least have Elite void for all three styles. For all styles it is suggested to just bring the strongest ones you've got. At least have the following: Melee --> Abyssal Whip. Ranged --> Rune crossbow, it is however suggested to have at least an Armadyl Crossbow. Magic --> Ancient staff. You only use magic on one boss so no hard requirements. I however do suggest to at least have 94/95 magic. Fire surge is the best option since this has the highest DPS. Section 2) Strategy. Like I said before, Theatre of blood is pretty simple at the moment because it's incomplete. I'm gonna give a good description on what to do on each boss and what to expect. Something nice to know is that you will earn "Theatre of blood" points that will increase the % of getting a drop at the end. But you can also spend these at the chests at the end of every boss fight, it is suggested to go in each fight with enough food because when you die you can't re-enter. 1. The Maiden of Sugadinti (Level-940) Prayer: Protect from magic Style: Your strongest. The fight If you've ever raided on OSRS or another RSPS, forget that. On this boss you basically just AFK attack her with your best style while praying protect from magic. There are spiders that spawn and heal her when they get close to The Maiden, but you ignore those. It's not worth it to stop the spiders that heal her because they don't get freezed properly. Just keep attacking her and she'll die eventually. On average it takes 8 minutes in a group of 5. 2. Pestilent Bloat (Level-870) Prayer: None Style: Your strongest The fight You walk circles around the middle pillar, making sure that the Pestilent Bloat doesn't see you. It might happen that he does see you, but make sure to move back ASAP otherwise the boss will kill you. When he is recharging, attack him. When you see him get up again, just walk back behind the pillar again. Repeat till he is dead. I've added a gif down here so you can catch an idea of how to stand and when you can attack. 3. Nylocas Vasilias (Level-800) Prayer and style: Depends on her form. When she is blue --> Protect from magic and use magic on her. When she is green --> Protect from range and use range on her. When she is white --> Protect from melee and use melee on her. The fight This boss is really simple. You just have to make sure to pray the correct prayer at each form and use the correct style. If you use range on her melee form, she will heal the damage you deal on her. So avoid that. 4. Sotetseg (Level-995) Prayer: Protect from magic from a distance Protect from Melee when you stand close to Sotetseg. Style: Range/magic is the best style. I'll tell you why in just a second. The fight For this boss it is important to use range or magic (whichever is your strongest one), why? When Sotetseg shoots the big red ball, it is required for the team to stand in a 3x3 area to spread it's damage. It will deal 120(?) damage to a single player if he is spread out, making him get one-shotted and disabled from the fight. Besides that, just keep an eye out for your health since Sotetseg attacks in both Magic and Range and you'll be fine. Picture of the big red ball of death. 5. Xarpus (Level-960) Prayer: None Style: Magic (suggested: Fire surge) The fight In this fight it is important to have magic because in Xarpus his first stage you can only damage him by single-casting magic spells at him. Make sure to block the green portal that shoots him the green orbs, these will heal him and make the boss fight in general a lot longer than it should be. I will post a GIF below so you can get a quick taste of how this boss fight is intended to be. 6. Verzik Vitur (Level-1040, final boss) Prayer: Protect from magic in the entire fight. Style: Suggested style is range. Will tell you in-depth why range is best. The fight In her first phase it is suggested to use range because this is more of a hit & run boss fight. Verzik Vitur will shoot blue projectiles which you can dodge. It is suggest to shoot, run & repeat. In her second phase the same style is continued, you use range and you hit and run. She still shoots projectiles that you can dodge, but the color of these projectiles are now green. In her last phase she stops shooting these dodge-able projectiles, so you can just stand in one spot and AFK attack her, keep an eye out for your health. When you've finished Verzik Vitur her last phase a room will appear under her throne. Enter it and receive your loot. If this guide has helped you, please leave a like and a comment. Feel free to leave some feedback too.
  10. Would be a nice QOL feature.
  11. IGN: Yim 'The Bird Hunter' AkA the winner
  12. Yim

    Elo boost Bar

    There was an interface that could be opened with ::elo, that showed your current % and how many days in a row you've completed the elo boost. I'm not sure what happened with it, I'll ask around at the devs.
  13. Hey. You know me as Yim, but my real name is Jordy. I'm 22 year old and I currently live together with my girlfriend (and most likely a dog very soon. I really want a orange Shiba and she wants a brown or black Labrador). I'm a IT graduate but currently not working in the IT branch. I was offered a permanent contract at my current job so I figured I'll stay until it bored me, since the pay is good enough. In my free time I like to play video games such as Dayz, Rocket League. Call of duty: MW or Runescape private servers. Besides gaming I love to go to Hiphop concerts and hang out with some mates with the pleasure of a alcoholic beverage. In general I've always loved playing Private servers. I've played World of Warcraft private servers, GunZ private servers, Flyff private servers and ofcourse Runescape private servers. They're just so more fun than the original games. The options are limitless and everything goes so much faster! If you ever have any questions about the game, feel free to PM me on discord (Yim#0516).
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