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  1. I downloaded obs, had no blue how to use it.
  2. flh

    Elo boost Bar

    I agree this would be helpful. I don't even know what the Elo boost does though. What does it do?
  3. I want to get into making videos, and I use Sony Vegas to edit. What is a good screen recorder to use?
  4. @Khaos I'm not complaining. Just posting things I find as I go along.
  5. Can a forum staff give me my donor rank on forums?
  6. I understand the server just came out. Here are a few things I have noticed while playing. When you hover over items, it says hold 'ctrl' to see the stats, everything says 0 like 4 shops at donator zone 2 have melee+range+mage+conumables items
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