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  1. Hello, My name is Seren Elf, and i'm a maxed classic player with a quick guide to help you guys get 99 defense and range fairly fast (1-2 hrs with xp scrolls running). You may also make a bit of a profit if lucky 🙂!! Step one: Gear setup Please note: You can use upgraded armour such as anguish necklace, pegasian boots, and any other improvements you see fit. I'd recommend 2-3k black chins to get to 99 for both. Step two: inventory setup Please note: You should be using xp scrolls to increase the speed at which you are gaining xp. I'd recommend only using 50% scrolls as this method is so fast already. Step three: Getting to the training location (::home tele -> Sohanscape teleporter -> catacombs -> run north then east to Greater Nechryaels) Step four: Becoming efficient with your black chinning Please note: You will be starting in the bloodveld room moving left to right attacking each creature once with a rune dart (Mutated bloodvelds & nechyraels). Make sure to use the correct attack style giving you both ranged and defense xp Have Pray melee and rigour running at all times making sure to drink a sip of your super restore when running low. Also make sure to use your ranged potions to increase dps. Don't be stingy with the brews either as they are cheap and time is not 😛 Using your rune darts start in the left most room with the bloodvelds attacking each one once with rune darts until they are all on you. Do the same with the nechryaels in the middle and right most room. You then will move back to the middle room with your horde following you and chin them in the space outlined below. Step five: Pick up all dragon boot and casket drops to make most of your money back! Good luck on your grind, and thank you for reading 🙂!!
  2. Great update! Thanks for all the hard work it is greatly appreciated.
  3. Greetings, My name is Seren Elf, and i'm excited to see you all in game! Good luck out there!
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