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  1. Just curious if it gets buffed why would anyone try to table it.
  2. Alright ive told you the rule that the Admins ingame said but if u want to follow the Mods and make life hard for yourself be my guest gl.
  3. Once again the rule was: "You are not allowed to safespot bosses". Some bosses didn´t attack back if u were ranging/mage at the start hence the rule was added. There is no rev bracelets so how can anyone expect you to face tank it. Btw revs arent bosses so this rule does not apply to this.
  4. Very informative and accurate guide well done.
  5. Can we get an option to change our experience drop to what we "hit" as a exp drop. Really confusing when bonus points are on etc.
  6. Welcome to SS Terrel its nice having you enjoy your stay.
  7. Sure if its easy to implement then ill support this.
  8. Noice took some time but finally ty thanks for the great work devs!
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