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  1. point is rev's need to be changed anyways be it that safe spotting is or isn't breaking the rules. should focus on that part of my post and not the safe spotting part
  2. when in game mods tell you NOT to be doing it i think the rule does apply
  3. seeing how almost everyone and their brother safe spots them or at some point has safe spotted(myself included till I found out it was a big no no and stopped), maybe cutting the damage of the revenants by 50%(maybe using prayer could be used for this seeing how prayer doesn't work at all on them), or making them be in a single target zone would stop the safe spotting all together. seeing how even the lowest level ones can hit 30's and if you pull more then one at time you die very fast. I do how ever think adding an item that would reduce their damage to 0 would be a bad move, cause it would go full circle to being same thing as safe spotting.
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