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  1. THANK YOU TEAM !! !! !! !! ! ! ! Great Update! !!
  2. Get KEEEN Lads. 🙂
  3. I hope you are well and Thank You for taking the time to having a look at my Personal Vouch Thread. Most of you will know me as i have been playing the server from the very 1st hour of launch! I consider myself to be VERY Trustworthy and a LOYAL Member of the Community 🙂 If you would like to PERSONALLY Vouch for me BELOW that would really mean alot! Any questions or just need some help ingame? Dont hesitate to dm me ingame or on discord!
  4. To Answer this.. No they are not 😞
  5. another GREAT Update, but when will half the slayer npc's be put back in game? have to reset slayer task so much due to this 😞
  6. Yo, dope guide my guy! Keep it up 🙂
  7. ign: Soulz Wearing the Elusive SohanScape t2 armour.. Ohh and the Infernal Bow and me pet JalTok-Jad 😄 GOODLUCK EVERYONE !
  8. ⚔️ Welcome to SOULZARMY ⚔️ If you are looking at this thread you are probably interested in seeing what we are about and possibly joining the Ranks 🙂 We are a FRIENDLY & NON TOXIC Gambling / PvM CC and we LOVE a good banter in our CC Chat! If you are INTERESTED in Buying a Rank in a LEGIT & TRUSTED CC Let me know INGAME! Just some QUICK RULES! 1. Scamming is NOT TOLERATED! if any evidence is found your rank will be REMOVED and you will be permanently banned from the clan chat and most likely the server too. 2. There will be no refunds on ranks. 3. We are located at ::Gamble . 4. You cannot host in any clan chat other then "SoulzArmy". 5.All hosts which have a max bet limit are required to advertise it. 6. Hosts who are deranked for any reason are not entitled to a refund. 7. Ranks can be removed at any time, for any reason I personally see fit (proof does not need to be provided). 8. Refunds will be made to players who are scammed by a ranked member by MYSELF as long as you have recorded the bet fully. 9. You must be able to pay out any bet you receive. If you can't, don't take it. 10. You must not modify original games such as Blackjack / FP / DD Etc.. 11. Just because you are going up against someone who has a rank we still advise you to record ALL gambles. 12. If you wish to host over your current max bet you may find a host with a higher maximum bet who can middleman the gamble. 13. please refrain from using a middleman from another clan chat because it could cause conflict. Please follow all of the servers rules. HOSTING RANKS!! 🔷 Recruit - 1b 🔷 🔷 Corporal - 2.5b 🔷 🔷 Sergeant - 5b 🔷 🔷 Lieutenant - 15b 🔷 🔷 Captain - 30b 🔷 🔶 General - Trusted Ranks 🔶 Owner Soulz Co-Owners Nick Host's Soulz Nick Hero Trusted PvM ( Rank prices subject to change ) This also applies to the amount they can hold while MMing. Any Further questions feel free to message Myself ( ign: Soulz ) in game! please gamble responsibly and enjoy your experience gambling with us!
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