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  1. Hello Everyone, Big update thread coming at ya! Hopefully, you all enjoy it! ❤️ Regular Updates: Tome of fire stats and effect has been added. The barrelchest boss has been moved to center of map, outside of house. Barrelchest walkingType changed from 5 to 1 to ensure combat following and random walking actually works. Mithril dragons should be able to use the dragon fire attack if the player is not within distance or the path is blocked and they're being attacked now (Safe-spot fixed). Cyclops now attack back, when being attacked with range/magic. Degradable Items now work properly. All skilling outfits are only obtainable once now, and you no longer receive multiples of the same item. (ex:, you don't get 5 lumberjack legs in a row anymore, without getting the top). Cerberus re-spawns after 9 game ticks (roughly 5 seconds) when you successfully complete the instance. (This only occurs if the player isn't dead, hasn't gotten a new instance, and is within the boundaries of the region.) Fixed an underlying issue with item on object (This fixes issues such as the rune fountain not charging the Amulet of Glory). Vorkath and TOB are both working correctly now. Following works again now. Infernal Weapons Models have been reworked: Infernal Bow: Infernal Sword: Infernal Staff: Infernal Hammer: Ancient Set has been re-done: Pets Rework: We have completely re-worked over 100 pets in-game, with new bonuses. You can read the entirety of all of the new pet bonuses here: Trials of Xeric: Trials of Xeric is a 20 wave, team-based minigame that is introducing some really COOL rewards! It was originally in the source, as Patrity wrote it over two? years ago; however, it was horribly broken after major re-write to the combat system as well as conflicting usages of the npcs from previous developers 😛 As requested, we have fixed up the minigame and improved the mechanics while we were at it. The following improvements/fixes have been made: All trials of Xeric's npcs are now aggressive. Muttadiles now work correctly and use 3 different combat styles throughout their combat script. Trials of Xeric is now a safe-death minigame. Jewelled Crab combat mechanics changed (Other than inside of the COX raids). Green Jewelled Crabs will take 50% extra damage from melee. Blue Jewelled Crabs will take 50% extra damage from range. Red Jewelled Crabs will take extra damage from magic. Banking has been disabled inside of the minigame. Npcs can now multi-attack players inside of the minigame. Npcs are now randomly spawned around the map, instead of 3 consistent places. Npcs no longer drop items inside of the minigame. Ice Demon's combat now work correctly and are able to be attacked. Vanguard's combat now work correctly and are able to be attacked. Rewards: This will introduce Zaros equipment into the game (Torva, Pernix, & Virtus). You will also receive gold upon completion: If you roll a rare item, you'll get 50->100m If you roll a common item, you'll get 10->25m AFK Zone Rework: We've decided to rework the afk zone, while we try to clean up all of the mechanics of the server that we personally did not create. It has been moved from home, to a separate AFK Island, which can be accessed by doing ::afk. In this rework: No matter what, you still get gold per click. 200 if you have 0->10$ donated. 667 if you have 11->100$ donated. 1333 if you have 101->500$ donated. 2000 if you have 501->2500$+ donated. You also get a 'skill' based reward: Thieving: A bonus 50->200GP per click. Smithing: A 10% chance to get either: 1->49 smithing: A Steel bar 50->99 smithing: A Runite Bar Otherwise: 25 -> 100GP per click. Mining: A 10% chance to get either: 1->49 Mining: Coal Ore 50->99 Mining: Runite Ore Otherwise: 25 -> 100GP per click. Runecrafting: A 10% chance to get either: 1->49 RC: 3 rune essence 50->99 RC: 3 pure essence Otherwise: 25 -> 100GP per click. Cooking: A 10% chance to get either: 1->49 Cooking: 1 Lobster 50->99 Cooking: 1 Shark Otherwise: 25 -> 100GP per click. You also have a 1/35 chance to get 1->3 afk points. If you have donated over 10$, you have a 1/18 chance instead. We've also made progress on our new raids that will be coming out in the next few weeks, the Ice Raids. Sneak Peek: In-case you missed our previous update: More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  2. Hello Everyone, Huge update thread coming at you today. We have added several NEW things this update as well as improved a LOT of quality of life features for the server. I mainly focused on improving the cash-flow for the server, so that we can get the economy balanced out in regard to the amount of items versus the amount of cash in-game.. Huge shout out to the beta testers this week as they greatly helped us in perfecting all of the new content! ❤️ INFERNO Inferno is finally out! Note: As per the community, this is only the final boss wave, not all 69 waves. If it's heavily requested, we can add the other waves at a later date. Inferno starts with TzKal-Zuk breaking free from the prison. Floating in the lava and moving back and forth between TzKal-Zuk and the player is a small piece of the wall, which must be utilized as a shield to protect from TzKal-Zuk's attacks. If it attacks the player, it cannot be protected against and it has an extremely high max hit of 251, which has a high chance of killing you, in one hit. Throughout this fight, other monsters spawn periodically and on cues. Jal-Xil and Jal-Zek will regularly spawn behind the player, attacking the shield until they are attacked, whereupon they retaliate. When TzKal-Zuk is below 480 Hitpoints, a JalTok-Jad will spawn behind the player, similarly attacking the shield. When TzKal-Zuk is below 240 Hitpoints, four Jal-MejJaks are spawned, rapidly healing it. When they are attacked, they stop healing and attack the player with area-of-effect blasts. Rewards: You will be rewarded with the infernal cape upon completion! You also have the option to exchange the cape for a 1/100 chance to get the Inferno Pet, Jal-nib-rek! The Jal-Nib-Rek pet has the following bonuses: A 40% chance to deal 'pet damage' with a max-hit of 40. A permanent 15% drop rate bonus while the pet is active. Regular Updates: The Vote Shop has been completely re-vamped: Experience boost scrolls have been added to the vote shop: 30 minutes of 50% (for 5 vote points) 60 minutes of 50% (for 8 vote points) 30 minutes of 100% (for 25 vote points) 60 minutes of 100% (for 40 vote points) 30 minutes of 150% (for 50 vote points) 60 minutes of 150% (for 75 vote points) Coin Pouches have been added to the game + vote shop: Light coin pouches give 7.5m each and costs 1 vote ticket. Normal coin pouches gives between 37.5m-->50m and costs 5 vote tickets. Hefty coin pouches gives between 75m-->100m and costs 10 vote tickets. Theatre of Blood now gives 2.5m -> 7.5m upon completion, instead of 1m -> 2m. Scythe/Blood Scythe of Vitur: Added a 1/10 special attack proc, which does double the damage for that hit. Added the KBD armour set pieces to King black dragon with a 1/280 rarity. The KDB armour set has also been re-made! Kolodion's shop now works as the second option in his dialogue at Mage bank (the shop uses Mage Arena Points now as well). Godsword's are now able to be equip when they're set as 'sheathed'. Magic XP is now calculated for combat XP correctly based on game-mode/experience modes. You can now use the cleaning cloth on the colored infernal capes or the colored fire-capes to revert the colors and get the original item back. The Colossal Chicken has been added back as a event boss. Slayer Shop Re-work: The slayer point shop now has the following items: Dragon Arrows: 2 points Dragon Darts: 2 points Dragon Javelins: 2 points fighter torso: 100 points barrows gloves: 100 points vestas chainbody: 150 points vestas plateskirt: 150 points vestas longsword: 225 points vestas spear: 225 points statius platebody: 150 points statius platelegs: 150 points statius full_helm: 150 points statius warhammer: 225 points morrigans leather_body: 150 points morrigans leather_chaps: 150 points morrigans leather_coif: 150 points morrigans javelin: 3 points morrigans throwing_axe: 3 points zuriels robe_top: 150 points zuriels robe_bottoms: 150 points zuriels hood: 150 points zuriels staff: 225 points Abyssal Demon Head: 250 points kbd heads: 500 points kq head: 500 points The XP lamp interface has been re-made to include all skills Construction is disabled until it's added in-game. The 'visit the store' button no longer sends staff requests for help. Super Donator Zone has been added: Super Donator Zone has a XP rate bonus in the area of 1.2 Access this by doing ::dz and selecting the super donator zone option. Regular donator zone now has a XP rate bonus in the area of 1.1 Infernal Pickaxe now has the proper functionality. Searching drops will no longer freeze your client Player no longer attempts to face a npc that is not within distance. Skotizo Altars are now able to be attacked with melee, Range, and Magic. New Pet System: The pet system has been completely re-written. Pets now have the ability to have 'bonuses' set to them. The following 'bonuses' have been added: Bonus Damage. Drop Rate Bonuses. Dropping specific item chances. Freeze the Defender. Poison the Defender. Venom the Defender. Leech HP from Defender. Pets should no longer have any 'dropping' or 'claiming' issues. Skilling pets have been added. Agility, Farming, Firemaking, Hunter, Thieving, Woodcutting, Runecrafting, Mining, Fishing. Probita and pet insurance has been added. She will insure a player's pet at a one-time cost of 500,000 coins per pet. If a player loses their pet, and it is insured by Probita, they may reclaim the pet for 1,000,000 coins. Drop Table Changes: Zulrah: Zulrah scales quantity is now 100-299, instead of 300-500. Mutagens are now a 1/400 chance instead of 1/500 chance. The unique drop table drops ( Tanzanite fang, Magic fang, Serpentine visage, and the uncut onyx ) are now a 1/256 chance instead of 1/150. Added a cash drop into the common drop table, of 30k->50k quantity. Added a cash drop into the uncommon drop table of 250k->500k quantity. Added a cash drop into the rare drop table of 25m -> 75m quantity. Vorkath: Rune longswords and rune kiteshields quantity have been changed to be 2->3, instead of just 1. Also changed them to be noted. Chaos Runes quantity is now 650->1000, instead of 25->120. Death runes quantity is now 300->500, instead of 35->185. Wrath runes quantity is now 30->60, instead of 20->80. The cash drop in the uncommon drop table has been changed to 350k->750k quantity, instead of 55k->110k. The cash drop in the rare drop table has been changed to 15m -> 55m quantity, instead of 1->5... The 'VERY_RARE' drop table rate has been changed from a 1/400 chance to a 1/375 chance. Void Knight Champion: The void knight champion will always drop coins, ranging from 50k -> 200k, instead of 20k->30k. All runes quantities are now 200->300, instead of 70->100. All bolt tip quantities are now 100->200, instead of 50->100. Runite bars & ore are now 25->50 in quantity, instead of 5->10. Adamantite bars are now 100->200 in quantity, instead of 5->10. Added a cash drop for the common drop table for 1m->2.5m in quantity. Added a cash drop for the uncommon drop table for 20m->40m in quantity. Added a cash drop for the rare drop table for 50m->100m in quantity. The cash drop for very rare is now 100m->250m, instead of 10m->25m. The very rare drop table is now 1/700 instead of 1/800. In-case you missed our previous update: More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  3. Hello Everyone, This update contains several bug fixes, some new content, some combat tweaks, and more! ❤️ In-case you missed our previous update: Regular Updates: Added a temporary solution to automatically 'fix' broken NPC spawns. Also added more detailed logging to this solution so we can get more details about the bug in general and try to fix the root cause of it. If a player logs out, they now leaves their current instance and the instance is properly destroyed. The AFK shop has been removed from catacombs? No idea why he was chillin' there in the first place. Started on Scam-Proof Gambling The interfaces are all complete. We'll be finishing the backend of this update throughout the week. Refined our fix for npcs, if any of them disappear/de-register, they should only be gone for 30~ seconds. We're still working on narrowing down the issue, but it shouldn't really effect you in-game anymore. Fixed the last issue with the bracelet of Ethereum. 😛 Drops have been added to revs for both the bracelet & the ether. You can no longer damage NPC's past their maximum health. NPC's that shouldn't be aggressive or attack you? shouldn't randomly attack you anymore? *although, this was a pretty funny bug to watch* Sanguinesti Staff now heals properly. Revenant caves are now part of the wilderness. A 'load' button has been added to presets. Mining Increased chance of obtaining different gems from gem rocks, lowered rock depletion chance by half for mining. The mining achievements work again. Rune Essence is now mineable. Ring of Wealth drop rate bonus back to 15% from 5%. Adamant Dragon, Rune Dragon, and Vorkath now have a chance to drop wrath rune talismans and tiaras. Can now buy more than 28 of an item at once if possible. There is now a delay on prayer draining by 1 tick to allow prayer flicking. Monkfish fishing spots have been fixed. Equipment bonuses and weapon declaration are reset on death. Chambers of Xeric: For all potions in the raid: making finished potions now asks you how many you want to make. All potion combinations are fixed. Implemented a health bar color for mobs (Fixes scavengers not having a health bar). Dynamic regions have been fixed. This resolves the issue of black maps in instanced areas. Barrier object coordinates and height is fixed. Keystone crystal cannot be dropped, on logout the keystone crystal is removed from the player, and the keystone crystal is also removed from the inventory when dispelling the barrier. Corrupted scavenger now regenerates hunger after 60 seconds of not being fed. Every 3 seconds after not being fed for 60 seconds, the corrupted scavenger will regenerate. Inferno: Klepto has started on inferno, for now, we're only going to be doing the final wave (the boss wave). The introduction cut-scene is complete: Client: Rigour & Augury now display properly when they're active. ESC can now be a shortcut key for keybindings. Emojis have been added added. Toggle them in the settings interface. The restore defaults button on custom keybinds now works properly. The ancients spell book should no longer crash your client, despite what you're doing. Custom Cursors have been added. Toggle them in the settings interface. Inventory Overlay has been added. Toggle it in the settings interface. Fixed the npc attack priority setting. (Now functions correctly). Make over mage is fixed. Missing/Broken Skin colors are now fixed. Missing/Broken Hair colors are now fixed. Fixed the remember me issue; it should ACTUALLY save your information now. Combat: The global melee maxhit modifier has been removed. Melee accuracy now have a 12% modifier globally, instead of 20% Draconic maul is now 2handed. Draconic mauls attack delay is now 7 ticks instead of 5. Infernal Hammer now has 10% higher stats than the dragon warhammer and has a attack delay of 5, instead of 6. Justiciar Sword now has a attack requirement of 75, instead of 90. Justiciar Sword now has 10% less stats than the Ghrazi Rapier. Infernal Bow now has a 10% chance to proc the special attack, the maxhit for this proc is 1-20, instead of 1-40. Scythe of Vitur & Blood Scythe of Vitur have proper stats (buffed their accuracy to what it should be & Blood scythe now has 10% higher stats than the scythe). Kril's swords have been nerfed by 10%. Kril swords bonus damage proc has been reduced from to be random(maxhit /4) instead of random(maxhit /2). More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  4. Hello Everyone, I was away this weekend with my girlfriend as she had a family emergency on Thursday and I couldn't leave until Friday to be with her. I still have a ton of homework to do before my classes tomorrow but I wanted to update the server real quick for you guys. ❤️ This update has a number of bug fixes as well a few more updates to the Chambers of Xeric. Regular Updates: Fixed an issue where the trading post was disconnecting you when searching for certain items. Added achievements back to fishing. Infernal Staff now has 80 magic as a requirement, and we've removed the 80 prayer requirement. The InWild method now checks to see if the player's area is an instance of the Wilderness Area. AreaManager now correctly checks if area is an instance of a wilderness area as well. Mining: Added depletion chances when mining a rock & empty veins. Gem rocks are now mine-able. Mining doesn't stop you from switching ores anymore. Animations ids have been fixed for all pickaxes. Herblore: Potions are mixable both ways now. Cancelling the herblore event now stops skilling. The hotkey Ctrl + T now does the ::tp command and works properly. Added several checks to see if the npc that you're interacting with is the same ID as the one clicked. Farming: The farming achievement used to give 1 herb collected for the entire patch; now you get as many as the herb total that you collected. The OpenGL Settings have been added into the settings interface. Should be an easier process for you now. 😄 Fletching tasks are now executed immediately. Crafting should be functioning correctly now. Chambers of Xeric's fixes: The actual raids reward interface has been implemented. Fixed a bug where you couldn't withdraw 5 from raid's rewards. Also updated the order of the take all and take x option. Fixed a bug where Vasa Nistirio's combat script would continue to process even after he's dead. Harvesting herbs from the resource room will retain 1 per 3 game cycles instead of all in 1 cycle now. Changed the event to work like the rest of skills so that if you do other things while trying to harvest, the action is cancelled. Harvesting a patch gives anywhere from 3-18 herbs from the resource room. Elder potion can be made now from the Golpar leaf and stinkhorn mushroom. More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  5. Hello Everyone, As I discussed earlier in the week in our community discord, my goal is to keep you guys more engaged on what we're working on and what our plans are for the server every day. So, for all updates that are pushed to the live server and tested, I'll be making update threads here like we always have. On top of that, I'll be posting in the discord daily with the updates that we're doing on beta to keep you informed of what's coming up in the next live updates. ❤️ Note: Chambers of Xeric still has quite a few bugs and is currently at a state where I'd say it's uncompletable; however, we are actively working to get it fixed up and actually 1:1 with OSRS. 🤣 Regular Updates: Stardust is stackable. Exchange option removed. Presets: You no longer lose your items when your bank is full. All NPC spawn instances have been patched to avoid any further issues with npcs disappearing. This will fix kraken, Skotizo, etc... Woodcutting: The infernal axe now performs the GFX and provides a 33% chance to grant 50% firemaking XP for the log you're cutting. Several fixes have been done with woodcutting in general just to fix some 'edge case' issues. Mining has been completely re-written. Skilling stop on movement queue now. *Can't walk when skilling now* Fishing is stopped if you're clicking an NPC that is not a fishing spot. Gem bags/Coal bags have been re-written. Several backend fixes to the event system that I talked about in our last update patch. Fixed a DC issue when scrolling on certain interfaces. Super Combat Potions can now be created using the herb as well as the correct unfinished potion. Ancient Spell book no longer goes invisible when switching to it. The polygon limit issues has been fixed. (Should fix the issues regarding invisible items while on GPU mode). XP scrolls no longer work if you do not have them in your inventory at the time of claiming the reward. Skilling actions now stop when you drop an item. Implemented a new player attribute serialization service (makes our lives easier when writing content). Infernal Bow, Twisted Bow, Blood Twisted bow: Increased ranged accuracy stat by 10 Infernal bow: Instead of a 20% chance for the special attack to occur, it's now a 33% chance. Dominion Crossbow: The dominion crossbow now has a attack speed of 4, instead of 5. Claiming flips now works properly and gives you the total donated amount. Chambers of Xeric's fixes: The energy well restores run energy for the player with no restriction between uses now. The energy well now has the proper animation when using it. The scavenger NPC will now walk back to 'home' properly if they're outside of 'home' by 8 tiles; this stops them from walking randomly to Narnia. Vasa Nistirio now kills the crystals in the room, if Vasa Nistirio is dead. You can no longer claim daily rewards while inside of COX. Rake, Spade, & Seed Dibber have been added to the list of allowed depositible items. Prayer Enhancement potions now restore 1 prayer every 10 ticks (6 seconds) over 290 ticks for a total of 29 restored prayer points over 3 minutes. Almost all object interactions have been fixed for skilling. Still have 1-2 more bugs to fix regarding this. Crystal keys and PVM caskets no longer drop in raids. Increased the chance of getting something from a chest in the chest room. From 40% to 50%. Opening a chest now takes thieving level into consideration (.2% per level). Muttadile's attack animation has been fixed. Muttadile's now show the eating animation when eating a tree. Thieving from the chests now use animations. Large muttadile drops have been corrected & small muttadiles now have drops. Big Bones -> Both Houndmaster's diary -> Both Overload (+) (4) -> Both Prayer Enhance (+) (4) -> Both Xeric's Aid (+) (4) -> Large Muttadiles only. Revitalization (+) (4) -> Large Muttadile only. Tekton Drops have been updated: Now includes the Elder, Twisted, Kodai, Revitalization, Prayer Enhance, Xeric's Aid, & Overload potions as well as the chance at getting a Onyx. If Vasa Nistirio is dead; it will now stop attacking you. *Used to continue to attack you for a few ticks after death* More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  6. Hello Everyone, Another update! This update includes a lot of QOL bug fixes. Our next update thread will contain a LOT more bug fixes as well as some... NEW content! Yes, that's right! We've finally hit the point in development where we can add new content without worrying about breaking absolutely everything! We've got a lot of stuff on the way for you coming up, including fully working raids, inferno, a completely custom raid, trails of xerics re-worked, and more! More information soon regarding these updates soon. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Updates: Regardless of how Cerberus is killed, the other entities will de-spawn as well, which fixed the ghosts issue where they would continue to attack you, despite whether or not Cerberus was still alive. Fixed another Cerberus issue where a task wasn't actually being stopped if the player disconnected. Also added a check to see if Cerberus died after the start of the event and before the end of the event. If it did, the event stops as well. Vorkath kill count now saves. You don't have to kill 50 Vorkath on the same login to get a vorkath reward now. Fixed a memory leak issue in the server. 🎉 Fixed/rewrote several things involving NPC spawns. This is a potential fix for the npc issue where they disappear after 'x' amount of time the server has been online. If the issue is not fixed, we also added logs to spawn events so we can track the issue if it's still there. We save the ring of recoil hits now. We also no longer remove the item from equipment to inventory, then remove from inventory, we delete it directly from the worn slot. The loot dropping under the floor issue has been fixed. Example: KBD floors. Firemaking: You now have a chance to fail at lighting the fire. You can cancel your action while trying to lighting a log. Toxic Blowpipe's death mechanics have been fixed. You no longer lose your scales/ammo. Bolts are no longer taken into consideration for range strength when using a toxic blowpipe, instead the darts used are. When an item is sold to a store while you have coins in your inventory and a 'full' inventory, you are now able to sell the items. If an item or items are sold to a shop where the price of the item plus the amount of coins in the inventory exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m), it will prevent it. If an item cost * item amount sold to shop exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m) we prevent it. Presets: Placeholders now work. More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  7. Hello Everyone, Another update coming at you, this one is rather large in terms of in-game impact and has a lot of QOL changes. I'm going to include a lot of information in this thread so it's important to read through it thoroughly so that you don't miss-interpret our changes. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: New Content System: We have implemented a new system, which will be used to create future content such as skills, bosses, minigames, etc... This new content system will allow us to create this future content at a much faster and more efficient rate than before. The Supreme Void set now has gloves added to the set and now has cosmetic boots and swords. Firemaking has been completely re-written: Includes both regular fires as well as gnomish firelighters. Everything now has the proper XP rates/requirements. You can no longer no clip across the map, or light the same log 100 times, etc... 😄 Fishing has been completely re-written: All fishing spots now function properly. All fish types are now catchable, with the proper xp rates/requirements. All fishing tools now work as well. Combat balancing: This is a huge portion of what we did in this update thread and will contain various amounts of information regarding custom and non-custom weapons, as well as general information regarding combat changes. Items that have been re-balanced include: Infernal Bow: The infernal bow now has a 20% chance to have an extra damage bonus, which can hit up to a max of 40 damage. Previously, the extra damage bonus was a 40% chance and could hit up to 70 extra damage. The accuracy strength bonus has been removed from the Infernal Bow. The stats are now 15% less than the twisted bow, instead of 10%. Twisted Bow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Blood Twisted Bow: The accuracy Strength bonus has been removed. The Blood Twisted Bow now has a 50% chance to heal 35% of on-hit damage. Previously, the healing was 30% of on-hit damage. Xeric's Crossbow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Godbows: (Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos) All godbows have had their stats reduced by 15%. Godbows now have a 12.50% chance to have a second hit, that can hit the equivalent of your maxhit + (maxhit * 0.40). Previously, they had a 10% chance to have a second hit, which could hit your maxhit + (maxhit *0.50). Ancient Armour Set: The set bonus damage is now your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 4). Previously, the bonus damage was your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 2). The set bonus now works correctly. (It actually takes into account when you're wearing the entire set). Blood Scythe of Vitur: The blood scythe now has a 20% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Previously, the blood scythe had a 10% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Blood Justiciar Set: The blood justiciar set now has a 50% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. Previously, the set had a 30% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. This effect is stackable with healing effects from weapons. Goliath Gloves: Goliath Gloves have a 10% chance to give you a 25% multiplier of on-hit damage. There is an additional 20% chance, that the 25% multiplier can become a 50% multiplier. Melee: The maxhit formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest melee maxhit in-game is now 90, instead of 143. (This can be done with a Blood Scythe). Range: The maxhit formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest range maxhit in-game is now 80, instead of 151. (This can be done with a Blood Twisted Bow). Magic: Spell damage is now actually taken into account for magic damage. Prayer spells now have the proper multipliers for max-hits/accuracy formulas. Client: OpenGL Rendering The GPU beta requires Windows (7, 8, or 10) or Linux (Apple devices currently unsupported), a GPU with support for OpenGL 4.3 or newer, and 2GB of VRAM. This requires either a Nvidia GeForce 400 or newer, an AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series or newer, or Intel HD Graphics with an Intel Haswell processor or newer. Also, ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date. There are possibly configurations it does not work correctly on. In particular, we recommend you do not enable it in dangerous situations until you sufficiently test that it is stable on your system. Toggle it on or off by using ::gpu Expand your draw distance by using ::dd # (e.g ::dd 50) the default is 25 and maximum is 90, play around with the values to see what you like. Toggle anti-aliasing by using ::aa, it will cycle through all the available modes. We support MSAA x2 x4 x8 x16 These options will be added to the settings interface Soon™ Report any bugs on the forums, please include your operating system, gpu, client version and other hardware information! Note: These commands are temporary and there will be 'easier' options to use OpenGL on the next client update. Issues with model recoloring have been fixed. OSRS Character colors have been implemented. Fixed the issue with Item sprites appearing "broken". Item sprite generation has been improved. Website: A brand new 'box-opening' style donation system has been added, Card Flips! There are 9 different rarities that you are able to try for: items range from skilling supplies to VERY rare! Try it out at https://sohanscape.com/flips Play Page: We have added a play page for the server: https://sohanscape.com/community/index.php?/play/ There is a new EXE launcher available for people to use: https://sohanscape.com/downloads/SohanScapeSetup.exe This has java built in with it, so this should make it a 'easier' process for everyone to keep updated. When you install it, you do not need to re-download or re-install the client. More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
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  9. Hello Everyone, This update took a tad longer to get out than I wanted but mother nature decided to give me the plague this week (And Karan)! This update has mainly QOL changes for the server. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: Fixed Spoofing Object Interactions (Bad Tree People). Interfaces now reset/disappear when teleporting away from a minigame (ex: Barrows, GWD, etc). Super Heat Item now creates steel correctly, instead of always making iron. You can no longer spam click a fishing spot to increase your fishing speed (Gotta love PI). You can no longer spam click herblore potion creations to make all pots in a few clicks. You can decant noted potions now. You can stack similar XP scrolls effects now. Re-balanced several Items: Scythe of Vitur: Stats are now the same as OSRS instead of 50% higher. The requirements are now correct (attack and strength must be 75). Blood Scythe of Vitur: Stats are now 20% higher than the regular scythe of Vitur, instead of 135% higher. The requirements are now the same as the scythe of Vitur (instead of 10 attack?). Ghrazi Rapier: For some reason, some 5head added a 2x maxhit multiplier on the rapier, so that's been removed. Justiciar Sword: Same as the rapier ^. Double Damage multiplier has been removed. Infernal Bow: Stats are now 10% less than the Twisted Bow. The requirements are now 75 range, instead of 85. Infernal Hammer: Stats are now 10% higher than dragon warhammers. The requirements are now 75 attack and strength, instead of having none. The 1.5x maxhit multiplier has been removed. More updates on the way ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  10. Hello Everyone, This update contains a lot of highly requested bug fixes and more! This update should greatly improve the QOL for the server. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: The trading post has been re-enabled and all reported bug with it have been fixed. Npc and player rendering on login has been fixed (Everyone is no longer invisible when you first login). The chance of getting Infernal Key piece drops has been removed from the Pest Control portals. Earning PvM points has also been removed from the Pest Control Portals. Piety's prayer message says you need 70 defence now, instead of 65. You can wear the agility master cape with 200m xp now. After voting, the message has been fixed to tell you the proper command name for redeeming. Presets have been re-enabled. Looting bag: The x button on the looting bag now works. The interface has been fixed. Death issues regarding the looting bag have been fixed. Only put tradeable items in open looting bag whilst in wilderness. Made it so you can only use items on closed looting bag whilst in wilderness. Can only remove items from looting bag whilst in wilderness. Warnings are given upon depositing and withdrawing when looting bag or inventory is full, rather than after going through dialogue. You can now access looting bag within 5 tiles of bank booth at home. The correct person now receives kill credit in PvP. Inventory and bank now refresh when claiming donations (Don't have to re-log anymore). Client: Fixed an issue where rotating the client camera would sometimes crash your client. Fixed several issues with the current particles system (Should no longer cause lag issues). Full/Proper Depth Buffering has been added. More memory optimizations have been done. More updates on the way soon in the near future❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  11. Should be fixed now!
  12. Hello Everyone, We've put out some pretty important updates for you this go around! First of all, Voting has been released! Also in-case you've missed it, hiscores are now fully responsive on mobile and are skinned to match the website. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: You can no longer spam click an NPC to 'reset' your attack over and over again. You also cannot spam click special attacks anymore. Excess coins now convert to plat tokens when collecting a trade post offer. Ironman drops in PVP can no longer be smuggled to regular accounts/other ironmen. Zulrah: Zulrah's melee phase now works properly & stunning feature has been added. Players cannot attack NPC's while stunned. You can now damage Zulrah while moving. You can now damage on the 1st hit unlike before as well. You do not automatically attack Zulrah on phase change anymore. Voting: The Vote Shop has been completely re-done. The Vote claim command has been added, as well as vote tickets. Pest Control: You can use all forms of attack styles on the pest control portals correctly now. The portals no longer do damage to players anymore. The Deviant Spectre animation has been fixed. The trading post interface now closes properly. Inventory Space check has been added for headless arrows and unfinished bolts. Random DCs issue should be fixed Npcs despawning issue has been fixed. Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  13. Hello Everyone, We've put out a pretty large update for you today. Some of these updates were actually added into the live server last night but I was not home to make the update thread. 😛 As well as the updates, hiscores are now live and the launcher now works on mac ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: Theatre of Blood: Maiden of Sugadinti spiders walk towards the center of the room now. The Pestilent Bloat no longer gets stuck in the corners of the map when walking. Sotetseg ranged attacks for solo ToB has been enabled. Verzik's attacks during the 1st phase are now harder to dodge. Sotetseg's chain comes from Sotetseg in solo mode. Time damage has been added to projectiles. Sotetseg's attacks now alternate between range and magic instead of both hitting at once. Xarpus poison pools attack one player at a time now. Verzik no longer has the issue with getting stuck after the last phase. Verzik can no longer be over-damaged when it's about to transform. Maiden Of Sugadinti's combat has been fixed to account for npc size. Chambers of Xeric: Guardians are now easier to dodge. Guardians are no longer the first room every raid. The crab room has been fixed. Vorkath has been released. Check it out in our teleport interface! Fixed a visual issue with ground items showing more than once. The Statius warhammer special attack has been fixed. The VLS special attack has been fixed. Event Boss Changes: The Event boss damage requirement is now 100 instead of 200. You now stop skilling when opening bank. You can no longer bank, in raids... 😄 Rune crossbow now works in PVP. Pvm Points are now displaying correctly. Donation ranks now upgrade on the correct amount. Ergo; when you hit 100$, not pass 100$ The minimap flag packet has been implemented into movement queue so that it accurately displays where you are on the map. Zulrah Changes: Zulrah can now attack around the pillars properly. Combat is no longer reset on Zulrah's transition. Lowered Zulrah's Defence Melee combat distance while moving has been fixed. Npc following is reset if it's no longer in combat or walking back to it's starting position. This fixes the 'dancing' npc's issue that was going on. Tab-Reply has been added for replying to people not on your friends list. Mystery boxes no longer open whenever you click on any item in your inventory. Ghrazi Rapier's price has been increased. The thieving star spawn has been fixed. Crumble undead takes 1 hit to kill zombified spawn now. Instanced Area logouts have been fixed, you're no longer get black screened. The Anti-Venom potion recipe has been adjusted. Pest control portals have been fixed so you can attack with melee at the proper distance. The Bonecrusher effect has been added. Giant mole now has a teleport warning. Antivenom/antidote potions work now. Lunar spells cannot be used on other players while they're in a duel session now. Rune pouch model has been fixed. Dwarf multi cannon can no longer be abused in instanced areas. Client: Memory optimizations have been made. Almost always below 300mb atm, still more to do. ❤️ Cross platform fixes have been made. Several small edits have been made to improve custom models being added. Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  14. Hello Everyone, We're rolling out a rather large update for you today. ❤️ Everything listed here was tested on the beta world *thank you to the content testers who helped us*, so everything listed should not have any issues. If there are any issues you come across, please report them here. In-case you missed our last update: Server: Theatre of Blood is now multi-combat. Dawnbringer is now removed after verzik dies. Surge autocast works properly now and has the correct runes requirement. The Magic tutor has been removed. Wrath runes are now able to be added to the rune pouch. The Kodai Wand has been removed from the mage arena npcs. AFK Island Changes: Points have been nerfed from 5 to 3 per bonus. Only 1 account per IP is permitted to 'afk' at the chest now. The Black Mask value has been increased from 3k to 3M. Hiscores have been added server-sided. Everything is being tracked properly now. The website portion of the hiscores will be online shortly following this update. We do not need to update the server again for this, when the website portion goes live, it'll work 'out of the box'. The wilderness area boundaries now work properly. You can now attack players who are in different wilderness levels than you. Zulrah: Zulrah can now attack you and vise-versa. Zulrah's projectile attacks are now fixed and functioning properly. Zulrah's snakelings are now aggressive. Firemaking is now clipped properly. You can no longer noclip across the map. Purple sweets now heal 2 HP. PVM points have been nerfed from Bandits. Projectile attacks as well as melee attacks now use the new pathing system. This fixes a lot of the safe-spot issues that were in the server. For example: Corp, Zulrah, etc... Clicking away from or to another object or NPC now cancels skilling actions properly. Bank searching now allows you to remove items after searching. The ironman point shop now works. Runes have been added to the ironman general store. The Pest control portals have been fixed. You can now attack them with all combat styles, not just range. The starter armour has been nerfed. Bonus EXP scrolls now work for the full intended time amount. You cannot trade player across the map anymore. 😄 Ground items and looting has been completely re-written to function properly. The Zaryte bow has been removed from Sohan mystery boxes. Ring of collectors has been removed from Callisto's drops. Client: The Raiding party interface has been added. The Raid party tab interface has been added. Fixed an image buffer issue which caused black screening. The minimap flag offset has been fixed. Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  15. Hello Everyone, Anotha update coming at you. ❤️ Should fix another round of annoying bugs that have been reported. In our next updates, we are going to be re-working shop access for ironmen to be more rounded and give more accessibility to features in-game that the modes were missing, as well as everything previously mentioned in our last update. In-case you missed it: Updates: Event boss is now multi-combat. Fixed the id of the XP bonus scroll for global drops. Items with the value of 0 can no longer be alched. Rune pickaxe is now in the ironman shop. You can now exit the catacombs properly. Player saving/loading fixed for lower/upper case account names (Shouldn't have anymore 'reset' issues). Removed the random poison that you used to get while farming, which was killing HCIM. Quick-Open option added for mystery boxes (Right click option). Aviansie Combat script has been added. Fixed the Void Knight knockback error. Fixed the concurrent modification exception for game logic tasks (Ergo, fixes the lag at the startup of the server). Fixed a number of small client issues with aesthetics. Pathfinding is now completely server-sided for object interactions. Walking packet decoding has been fixed. Removed clipping for gates as they are not being spawned in the client. Combat is now reset after killing an NPC. Added combat reset into the walking packet as well. Ironman Points Shop has been added. Fixed the DC issue revolving around npc's with 'nulled' names. Zulrah no longer DC's you. Burst and Barrage XP has been fixed. Fixed the projectile and melee path checking. Corporeal Beast's safespot has been fixed because of this. Possibly more. Fixed the minimap flag offset. Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
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