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  1. Awesome work from the team, big update looking forward! 🙂
  2. Great update, thank you for this! :)
  3. I love this idea and I vouch for this, bring this into the game
  4. Another great update, thanks Hank and dev team!
  5. See

    Skilling boss

    Was an idea that was taken off my old server, Skilling Boss Boss in the middle, you must woodcut/mine/fish in order for you to do damage to the boss. Must deal 2500+ damage in skills in order to get a drop. An example of this is https://prnt.sc/o06g8i / https://prnt.sc/o06ghb
  6. Sick guide, thank you for this Yim.
  7. See

    Is server down?

    Yes server is down ATM. No ETA on when it's coming back online, devs have been notified and are still fixing it. Someone decided to dupe and they might have to rollback an hour or so. https://discord.gg/PnCwW2c Join the discord so you can see live updates <
  8. Good work guys, never fail to disappoint!
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