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  1. I'd love to see this as well. Makes it much easier and realistic. Nice topic 🙂
  2. 0342


    hes a good lad
  3. 0342

    Send Gambling Clan

    Those 2 guys are trusted, if u like to gamble those guys are the ones u need 🙂
  4. Hello guys 🙂 Since im gambling a lot i would love to have everyone his experience with me. Have you ever gambled with me and have some positive responses or ofcourse negative ones i would love to hear about them. Like vouchers or w/e 🙂 Thanks guys!
  5. 0342

    Send Gambling Clan

    Anyway to get ranked as well ? Can put some videos of me holding or w/e And mulitple people know i am trusted. Let me know boys 🙂 Greetings.
  6. I like this pic, my name is on it. hehehe
  7. Just a cool set to go with 🙂 With my awesome pet. Ingame Name: 0342
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