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    Hello Everyone, Another update coming at you, this one is rather large in terms of in-game impact and has a lot of QOL changes. I'm going to include a lot of information in this thread so it's important to read through it thoroughly so that you don't miss-interpret our changes. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: New Content System: We have implemented a new system, which will be used to create future content such as skills, bosses, minigames, etc... This new content system will allow us to create this future content at a much faster and more efficient rate than before. The Supreme Void set now has gloves added to the set and now has cosmetic boots and swords. Firemaking has been completely re-written: Includes both regular fires as well as gnomish firelighters. Everything now has the proper XP rates/requirements. You can no longer no clip across the map, or light the same log 100 times, etc... 😄 Fishing has been completely re-written: All fishing spots now function properly. All fish types are now catchable, with the proper xp rates/requirements. All fishing tools now work as well. Combat balancing: This is a huge portion of what we did in this update thread and will contain various amounts of information regarding custom and non-custom weapons, as well as general information regarding combat changes. Items that have been re-balanced include: Infernal Bow: The infernal bow now has a 20% chance to have an extra damage bonus, which can hit up to a max of 40 damage. Previously, the extra damage bonus was a 40% chance and could hit up to 70 extra damage. The accuracy strength bonus has been removed from the Infernal Bow. The stats are now 15% less than the twisted bow, instead of 10%. Twisted Bow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Blood Twisted Bow: The accuracy Strength bonus has been removed. The Blood Twisted Bow now has a 50% chance to heal 35% of on-hit damage. Previously, the healing was 30% of on-hit damage. Xeric's Crossbow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Godbows: (Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos) All godbows have had their stats reduced by 15%. Godbows now have a 12.50% chance to have a second hit, that can hit the equivalent of your maxhit + (maxhit * 0.40). Previously, they had a 10% chance to have a second hit, which could hit your maxhit + (maxhit *0.50). Ancient Armour Set: The set bonus damage is now your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 4). Previously, the bonus damage was your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 2). The set bonus now works correctly. (It actually takes into account when you're wearing the entire set). Blood Scythe of Vitur: The blood scythe now has a 20% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Previously, the blood scythe had a 10% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Blood Justiciar Set: The blood justiciar set now has a 50% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. Previously, the set had a 30% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. This effect is stackable with healing effects from weapons. Goliath Gloves: Goliath Gloves have a 10% chance to give you a 25% multiplier of on-hit damage. There is an additional 20% chance, that the 25% multiplier can become a 50% multiplier. Melee: The maxhit formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest melee maxhit in-game is now 90, instead of 143. (This can be done with a Blood Scythe). Range: The maxhit formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest range maxhit in-game is now 80, instead of 151. (This can be done with a Blood Twisted Bow). Magic: Spell damage is now actually taken into account for magic damage. Prayer spells now have the proper multipliers for max-hits/accuracy formulas. Client: OpenGL Rendering The GPU beta requires Windows (7, 8, or 10) or Linux (Apple devices currently unsupported), a GPU with support for OpenGL 4.3 or newer, and 2GB of VRAM. This requires either a Nvidia GeForce 400 or newer, an AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series or newer, or Intel HD Graphics with an Intel Haswell processor or newer. Also, ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date. There are possibly configurations it does not work correctly on. In particular, we recommend you do not enable it in dangerous situations until you sufficiently test that it is stable on your system. Toggle it on or off by using ::gpu Expand your draw distance by using ::dd # (e.g ::dd 50) the default is 25 and maximum is 90, play around with the values to see what you like. Toggle anti-aliasing by using ::aa, it will cycle through all the available modes. We support MSAA x2 x4 x8 x16 These options will be added to the settings interface Soon™ Report any bugs on the forums, please include your operating system, gpu, client version and other hardware information! Note: These commands are temporary and there will be 'easier' options to use OpenGL on the next client update. Issues with model recoloring have been fixed. OSRS Character colors have been implemented. Fixed the issue with Item sprites appearing "broken". Item sprite generation has been improved. Website: A brand new 'box-opening' style donation system has been added, Card Flips! There are 9 different rarities that you are able to try for: items range from skilling supplies to VERY rare! Try it out at https://sohanscape.com/flips Play Page: We have added a play page for the server: https://sohanscape.com/community/index.php?/play/ There is a new EXE launcher available for people to use: https://sohanscape.com/downloads/SohanScapeSetup.exe This has java built in with it, so this should make it a 'easier' process for everyone to keep updated. When you install it, you do not need to re-download or re-install the client. More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
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    Hello Everyone, Another update! This update includes a lot of QOL bug fixes. Our next update thread will contain a LOT more bug fixes as well as some... NEW content! Yes, that's right! We've finally hit the point in development where we can add new content without worrying about breaking absolutely everything! We've got a lot of stuff on the way for you coming up, including fully working raids, inferno, a completely custom raid, trails of xerics re-worked, and more! More information soon regarding these updates soon. ❤️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Updates: Regardless of how Cerberus is killed, the other entities will de-spawn as well, which fixed the ghosts issue where they would continue to attack you, despite whether or not Cerberus was still alive. Fixed another Cerberus issue where a task wasn't actually being stopped if the player disconnected. Also added a check to see if Cerberus died after the start of the event and before the end of the event. If it did, the event stops as well. Vorkath kill count now saves. You don't have to kill 50 Vorkath on the same login to get a vorkath reward now. Fixed a memory leak issue in the server. 🎉 Fixed/rewrote several things involving NPC spawns. This is a potential fix for the npc issue where they disappear after 'x' amount of time the server has been online. If the issue is not fixed, we also added logs to spawn events so we can track the issue if it's still there. We save the ring of recoil hits now. We also no longer remove the item from equipment to inventory, then remove from inventory, we delete it directly from the worn slot. The loot dropping under the floor issue has been fixed. Example: KBD floors. Firemaking: You now have a chance to fail at lighting the fire. You can cancel your action while trying to lighting a log. Toxic Blowpipe's death mechanics have been fixed. You no longer lose your scales/ammo. Bolts are no longer taken into consideration for range strength when using a toxic blowpipe, instead the darts used are. When an item is sold to a store while you have coins in your inventory and a 'full' inventory, you are now able to sell the items. If an item or items are sold to a shop where the price of the item plus the amount of coins in the inventory exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m), it will prevent it. If an item cost * item amount sold to shop exceeds the max amount of coins (2147m) we prevent it. Presets: Placeholders now work. More updates soon ❤️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
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    As of currently. I'm not really a big fan of the meta helmets. I never really liked using Serpentine helms and I'm almost always dragged back to using the Helm of Neitiznot (whenever I'm using melee). I think it's a great idea to add the Basilisk Knight and Basilisk Sentinel to Sohanscape, which drop the Basilisk jaw. The Basilisk jaw is combined with the Helm of neitiznot, to create the neitiznot faceguard. I quote: "Aside from increased defensive bonuses, its strength bonus is doubled, giving it the highest of any helmet." Image of the Neitiznot faceguard. Source: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Neitiznot_faceguard Thank you for reading.
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    We are always looking to build our team so if you're interested you can click here to view the format and guidelines! Developer Jason has joined on as a Developer! Moderator @Khaos has been promoted to Moderator! @Rambo Fett has been promoted to Moderator! @Xivivx has been promoted to Moderator! Support @sudafed has been promoted to Support! @Rxmeo has been promoted to Support! Resignations/Demotions @Fuse has Resigned as Moderator. @Nick has Resigned as Support. @Etty has Resigned as Support. @wolfsdarker has been Demoted. @Oil has been Demoted. @eythan has been Demoted. @Dre has been Demoted. On behalf of the SohanScape Staff Team, I would like to Congratulate those who have been Promoted. As for those no longer with us, You will be missed.
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    im at the point where im finding myself with nothing knew to kill i need some new stuff to grind seems like its tob every day :))) +1
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    +1 new boss, please make it difficult. Unafkable, high hp. 1-2 kills per inventory kind of hard in good gear so the drop rate can compensate such. We don't need another half afk grindboss. In my opinion. We need a boss which presents a challenge in the form of mechanics. +1 to tots idea also
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    I would love to see some new content come into the game. this is the perfect piece to come into the game for melee. since it is going to be bis slot I would like to see the basilisk to be either pretty hard or to have a insane drop rate. some type of mechanics like sot from tob where you need to continuously chance your prayer with some type of indicator what to chance to keep them from being farmed very easy. Thank you very much for reading what I had to say. Hope you guys have a great day!
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    I would love to get ranked just to middleman for everyone. I'm done with gambling. If u need a trusted middleman in your cc let me know. 🙂
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    A gambiling cc is gonna be spicy af get pumped :))))
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    Paid out 1b+ at ::dice. Very polite and helpful around and in help cc. Trusted deserved.
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    Official In-Game Rules The Sohanscape administration reserves the right to change and/or adjust any rules stated below and punish people ex post facto. Please stay up to date with any announced changes as the date in reference to the last updated thread will be listed below. In the case of not understanding any rule or information displayed below, we encourage you to contact any staff member who will happily assist you. Any member of the management team reserve the right to punish any player if they deem necessary . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment, and Inappropriate Content a. Flaming: Users engaging in hostile/insulting interactions with other users especially in the help chat or over yell; will be warned and if continued may result in a mute. We want to keep our community a clean and friendly environment. b. The use of inappropriate and/or disrespectful language towards anther's belief, race, religion, and/or harassing members is not tolerated. While we have an ignore system, we expect members to act accordingly towards each other. This includes telling other players to kill themselves. c. Content that is advertised and/or discussed via the yell channel, public chat, or clan chat that is deemed inappropriate per the staff member's discretion will be dealt with accordingly. This includes but not limited to: pornographic material, debates about sensitive topics, drugs, etc. d. Harassing the administration with wanting staff is not tolerated, members must earn the ranks by submitting an application on the forums! Failure to cease these actions will result in a mute and/or a ban at the discretion of the staff team. This also includes members of the staff team who want a promotion; hinting, pulling favor or detailing their lack of power/commands both in-game or via discord may result in a demotion or total removal from the team. e. Staff impersonation will not be tolerated. This includes; having names similar to the staff members, (ex. "Sohan"), changing the player's name on discord and pretending to be the staff in the #help chat, or telling players you have a staff account. f. Users with Inappropriate account names will be asked to change it, if they do not the account will be banned. 2. Advertising Advertisement of another RSPS related community is strictly forbidden and will result in permanent removal from the community. There will be no chance of appeal! a. Discussing other servers that are still actively hosted in-game or on our forums will result in a mute without warning. 3. Spamming Spamming on Sohanscape will not be permitted, and will be acted upon appropriately by the staff members of Sohanscape. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Sohanscape and respect others wishes; those who continually break this rule will be removed from Sohanscape if deemed necessary. Auto-Typers are not to be abused but are allowed, the timer should be set to eight-ten (8-10) seconds between each message. 4. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threats Misleading links are never allowed on the server, we expect links to open up to what it was advertised as. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a permanent removal from the community. Hacking in any shape or form will result in a permanent removal from the community immediately. Threatening members that will put their life, security, and reputation at risk will result in a permanent removal from the community. 5. Punishment Evasion Punishments that are handed out towards members is one of the reasons communities maintain a balanced environment. Punishments that are evaded are not taken lightly. If you feel like you deserve another chance then take it seriously and quickly make an appeal; don't make a scene. Users may make another account to private message a staff member, but that is it! The use of another account to evade a mute will see an increase in your mute time on all accounts. 6. Third-Party Software The use of third-party software that allows a member to have an unfair advantage (Auto clickers, Ghost Mouses, etc.) in any way shape or form; Will result in temporary to permanent termination of their account(s). Any account that has been found to have used third-party software, will have all logs checked and any account trading that account will also be punished. We want a fair environment where all players have an equal chance to experience Sohanscape and all of its features. 7. Bug Abuse Abuse of a bug or glitch that allows a player to have an advantage over another or the server itself is not tolerated. We ask all members to report them, using ::bug, as soon as they're found otherwise a permanent removal from the community will be issued. 8. Refunds Policy (Store, Scams, Disconnects etc.) a. Donations will ONLY be refunded if he/she has NOT been given their items or position (forums, server) after 72 hours, otherwise, a refund is not required. Remember, items that have been obtained through our donation system that is lost at their own doing will not be refunded. b. Reset of the server or forums will be refunded if he or she has posted valid proof of their purchase in the relative board, otherwise, a refund is not required on our part. c. Scammed members will not be refunded because there are simple tactics to not be scammed in the first place such as using a middleman. Please note that we will not be accepting photo-reports of members being scammed, it must be a video or it will not be handled. Please do note that scammers will be punished severely with a permanent ban on their first offense and an IP-Ban on their second offense. d. Account sharing is not of our concern and is at the discretion of member to do so, however, members who do decide to do so and have had their accounts muted, banned, or otherwise hacked will be at their own fault. e. Hacking refunds will not be handed out, those who have been victimized should have all the security features that we offer on Sohanscape. f. Glitch refunds will ONLY be refunded if the member has 100 percent proof, and has proof of the items prior to the glitch happening. g. Duel scams are not the fault of the sever There are fail safes for anti scamming - it is your responsibility to ensure you protect yourself. h. Server purchase policy is that all store purchases are non-refundable or transferable. Charge backs will result in an immediate total user ban on all accounts linked to that account. Sohanscape does not hold any responsibility of purchased goods on behalf of the user, gambling purchased goods is strongly advised against and not subject to a refund *Note, if a developer (or whoever has spawning abilities) does not see the proof to be enough, it can be declined and a refund is not required. 9. Yell and Help CC a. Use of the Yell command to flame-bait, flame, troll, or other abuse of the command will not be tolerated and your rights to the command can be removed without being reinstated in the future. b. Help CC is English based. Please refrain from using any other language, unless a staff member that can understand said language is online. 10. Player Vs. Player (PvP) & PVMing Sohanscape is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. For the most part, going into the wilderness is at the player's own risk, however, we have but a few rules: a. PKP-Farming (players intentionally building up EP and killing each other repeatedly) will be treated with a Jail/Ban and will not be tolerated. The same applies to people building EP afk with no intention of PKing or PVMing in the wilderness. AFK? Do it at home. b. Ragging: Players entering the wilderness with the sole purpose of preventing other pkers from pking will be punished immediately. c. Using the ::help command to escape from the wilderness or requesting help from a staff member to lure them into the wilderness and kill them will not be tolerated; and will be dealt with accordingly at the staff member's discretion. d. Luring is allowed for the most part. The few exceptions to this rule are members cannot attempt to lure using ::yell or the server's Help clan chat. e. Multilog-PVPing is now allowed! (Max 2 accounts online at once. No farming!) 11. Real World Trading RWT is not allowed on Sohanscape under no circumstance. Any evidence of RWT will result in the termination of your Sohanscape Account. 12. Multi-Voting Any use of excessively changing your IP-address to vote will not be allowed on Sohanscape. We strive to maintain a respectable environment. Anything that brings an unfair advantage will not be allowed on the server. VPN voting goes against many of the Top-list's terms of service, which can result in the termination of Sohanscape from the Top-lists. 13. Gambling a. Anyone found to be scamming people while hosting gambling events will have their bank removed and their gambling device will be taken from them. b. Anyone hosting gambling events must only take bets they are able to cover if they lose. c. All gambling hosts must either record gambling events or has means of proof against scam claimers. d. Staff accounts are not to be used for hosting, however they are encouraged to be middlemen. 14. Trolling Trolling is allowed to an extent, however when players or staff have asked you to leave a player alone or to stop you will do so, or else punishment will follow accordingly.
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