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  2. We are always looking to build our team so if you're interested you can click here to view the format and guidelines! Developer Jason has joined on as a Developer! Moderator @Khaos has been promoted to Moderator! @Rambo Fett has been promoted to Moderator! @Xivivx has been promoted to Moderator! Support @sudafed has been promoted to Support! @Rxmeo has been promoted to Support! Resignations/Demotions @Fuse has Resigned as Moderator. @Nick has Resigned as Support. @Etty has Resigned as Support. @wolfsdarker has been Demoted. @Oil has been Demoted. @eythan has been Demoted. @Dre has been Demoted. On behalf of the SohanScape Staff Team, I would like to Congratulate those who have been Promoted. As for those no longer with us, You will be missed.
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  4. Trust traded 30b+ with you. Thank you !
  5. Trusted guy. I lend out my scythe of vitur to him to make some pictures. +1
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  7. Awesome work from the team, big update looking forward! πŸ™‚
  8. Another dope update from the boiss ✌️✌️✌️
  9. awesome work! thank you so much.
  10. Hello Everyone, Another update coming at you, this one is rather large in terms of in-game impact and has a lot of QOL changes. I'm going to include a lot of information in this thread so it's important to read through it thoroughly so that you don't miss-interpret our changes. ❀️ In-case you missed our last update thread: Server: New Content System: We have implemented a new system, which will be used to create future content such as skills, bosses, minigames, etc... This new content system will allow us to create this future content at a much faster and more efficient rate than before. The Supreme Void set now has gloves added to the set and now has cosmetic boots and swords. Firemaking has been completely re-written: Includes both regular fires as well as gnomish firelighters. Everything now has the proper XP rates/requirements. You can no longer no clip across the map, or light the same log 100 times, etc... πŸ˜„ Fishing has been completely re-written: All fishing spots now function properly. All fish types are now catchable, with the proper xp rates/requirements. All fishing tools now work as well. Combat balancing: This is a huge portion of what we did in this update thread and will contain various amounts of information regarding custom and non-custom weapons, as well as general information regarding combat changes. Items that have been re-balanced include: Infernal Bow: The infernal bow now has a 20% chance to have an extra damage bonus, which can hit up to a max of 40 damage. Previously, the extra damage bonus was a 40% chance and could hit up to 70 extra damage. The accuracy strength bonus has been removed from the Infernal Bow. The stats are now 15% less than the twisted bow, instead of 10%. Twisted Bow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Blood Twisted Bow: The accuracy Strength bonus has been removed. The Blood Twisted Bow now has a 50% chance to heal 35% of on-hit damage. Previously, the healing was 30% of on-hit damage. Xeric's Crossbow: The accuracy strength bonus has been removed. Godbows: (Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos) All godbows have had their stats reduced by 15%. Godbows now have a 12.50% chance to have a second hit, that can hit the equivalent of your maxhit + (maxhit * 0.40). Previously, they had a 10% chance to have a second hit, which could hit your maxhit + (maxhit *0.50). Ancient Armour Set: The set bonus damage is now your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 4). Previously, the bonus damage was your maxhit + (random value up to your maxhit divided by 2). The set bonus now works correctly. (It actually takes into account when you're wearing the entire set). Blood Scythe of Vitur: The blood scythe now has a 20% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Previously, the blood scythe had a 10% chance to heal for 30% of on-hit damage. Blood Justiciar Set: The blood justiciar set now has a 50% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. Previously, the set had a 30% chance to heal for 10% of on-hit damage. This effect is stackable with healing effects from weapons. Goliath Gloves: Goliath Gloves have a 10% chance to give you a 25% multiplier of on-hit damage. There is an additional 20% chance, that the 25% multiplier can become a 50% multiplier. Melee: The maxhit formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for melee damage has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest melee maxhit in-game is now 90, instead of 143. (This can be done with a Blood Scythe). Range: The maxhit formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The accuracy formula for range has been re-written to match OSRS. The largest range maxhit in-game is now 80, instead of 151. (This can be done with a Blood Twisted Bow). Magic: Spell damage is now actually taken into account for magic damage. Prayer spells now have the proper multipliers for max-hits/accuracy formulas. Client: OpenGL Rendering The GPU beta requires Windows (7, 8, or 10) or Linux (Apple devices currently unsupported), a GPU with support for OpenGL 4.3 or newer, and 2GB of VRAM. This requires either a Nvidia GeForce 400 or newer, an AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series or newer, or Intel HD Graphics with an Intel Haswell processor or newer. Also, ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date. There are possibly configurations it does not work correctly on. In particular, we recommend you do not enable it in dangerous situations until you sufficiently test that it is stable on your system. Toggle it on or off by using ::gpu Expand your draw distance by using ::dd # (e.g ::dd 50) the default is 25 and maximum is 90, play around with the values to see what you like. Toggle anti-aliasing by using ::aa, it will cycle through all the available modes. We support MSAA x2 x4 x8 x16 These options will be added to the settings interface Soonβ„’ Report any bugs on the forums, please include your operating system, gpu, client version and other hardware information! Note: These commands are temporary and there will be 'easier' options to use OpenGL on the next client update. Issues with model recoloring have been fixed. OSRS Character colors have been implemented. Fixed the issue with Item sprites appearing "broken". Item sprite generation has been improved. Website: A brand new 'box-opening' style donation system has been added, Card Flips! There are 9 different rarities that you are able to try for: items range from skilling supplies to VERY rare! Try it out at https://sohanscape.com/flips Play Page: We have added a play page for the server: https://sohanscape.com/community/index.php?/play/ There is a new EXE launcher available for people to use: https://sohanscape.com/downloads/SohanScapeSetup.exe This has java built in with it, so this should make it a 'easier' process for everyone to keep updated. When you install it, you do not need to re-download or re-install the client. More updates soon ❀️ Yours Truly, The Sohanscape Team.
  11. Dylan


    I'm maybe thinking way too crazy but here is what I have in mind. I've spoken with some of you and most seem very hyped for the idea, but then again we all do not know what is possible and what is not. The way Twisted league on osrs works is through some sort of point system. This is not what I am aiming for but perhaps we can setup some sort of that relic system by using total levels. This can be measured by the highscores or just ingame. (sorry not a developer) Like you get a your first relic at 500 total level where you can choose between 3 small benefits. At 1000 total level you get again the choice between 3 new small benefits. At 1500 total level you get again the choice between 3 new normal benefits. At 2000 total level you get the choice for 3 bigger benefits. At max you can get one of the 3 biggest benefits possible. Again I think this should exclude xp rate boost. Only certain actions and neat things. I came up with a couple of small benefits or bigger ones just how you wanna see it. - Ava's collects 50-80% more ammo. (So you basicly get the first relic with ammo like osrs but then you need an ava) - Using bones on the prayer altar at home gets you x5 the xp rate (again a small benefit since 99 is max no use after) - Your account is 10% more resistant to incoming damage (bigger benefit) - Your account is 10% dealing more damage to creatures based on what it is wearing, even the choice between combat styles would not be a weird idea. Like pick between mage, range and melee (bigger benefit) - Your account has 5% more droprate (Big benefit and should only be endgame stuff) - Banking relic for skilling (midgame since you will be skilling a lot at this time till the end) Of course this should be more added but these are just examples that come up to me. If anyone has another good idea that seems REALISTIC AND NOT SUPER OP I would love to see them below. I have no clue if this is anything that is possible with the resources that sohanscape is running with. Would love to hear you guys' opinion. Dylan Classic Ironpeep
  12. 100% Vouch for you, Gambled self bets of 18b+ pots against you and always paid !
  13. Hey Everyone, I like to know how people think about me If i have any negative feedback and please let me know so I can do better at it If i have ever gambled with you or mm'd for you and please leave a vouch for me :)
  14. Thank you for your vouch! Appriciate it.
  15. I would love to get ranked just to middleman for everyone. I'm done with gambling. If u need a trusted middleman in your cc let me know. πŸ™‚
  16. A gambiling cc is gonna be spicy af get pumped :))))
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  18. Ragex

    Warrior Guild

    I talked to 2 other people today who took 5-6hrs + to get 1, the drop rates are bad
  19. I hope you are well and Thank You for taking the time to having a look at my Personal Vouch Thread. Most of you will know me as i have been playing the server from the very 1st hour of launch! I consider myself to be VERY Trustworthy and a LOYAL Member of the Community πŸ™‚ If you would like to PERSONALLY Vouch for me BELOW that would really mean alot! Any questions or just need some help ingame? Dont hesitate to dm me ingame or on discord!
  20. XXX

    Warrior Guild

    I got a dragon defender within 1 hour. Stop complaining, its great xp and you get unusual drops from cyclopses.
  21. Ragex

    Warrior Guild

    Its shit, spending 6-8hrs to get a dragon defender is really bad design on a rsps. Increase the drop to like 1/10 or something so u dont spend a entire day just to get a defender. Just for context im on 652 kc and only got a mith defender so far, around 5hrs invested
  22. Paid out 1b+ at ::dice. Very polite and helpful around and in help cc. Trusted deserved.
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